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Reload offers and casino - less value?

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I know gubbings dont help but i cant help the feeling that at the moment the world of matched betting is getting harder and harder to make money. Recently i've noticed a general lack of and lower quality offers on both sports and casino.

The main things keeping me going seem to be 2up and low risk casino (however low risk casino is getting less and poorer value offers with higher wagering across the board)

I dont know if this is a reaction by the bookies to earn more money or a reaction to the current regulations that are hitting the industry. I'm sure there will be plenty of matched betters who will disagree and say not much has changed but in my 10 months of this, it definitely seems that there is a lot less value in it currently, certainly since earlier this year.

I dont like to gripe but just after some discussion on this, maybe its just me?!

feel free to move this topic into general if its more suited to that thread? Cant see how to do it myself

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