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Jeremy Law

£400 Xmas Giveaway! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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I've only been MB for a few months, still learning, love your Youtube videos.  This forum is a great idea, as is the Xmas giveway.

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19 hours ago, Jeremy Law said:

Brilliant idea the forum - can't wait to be able to find things in order of Topics!  


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Forum is looking absolutely faboulous and is worthy of competing with OddsMonkey. Im Ameer and ive been doing MB for 3 months. Best thing that happened to me in terms of making money online and I wish everyone good luck in their future profits

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I have been matched betting since mid October. Looking to top my wage up so I don’t have to do overtime to pay for the holidays! 

Thanks for all the help so far 😀

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Hi I'm Tom from newark, I've been matched betting for about a year and I love 😍 it. I aim to make a tenner a day. I've not really tried many casino offers but I will soon. 

Good luck and merry Christmas 🤶 

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I've been using TP for nearly a year now. The forum certainly will be an improvement compared to Facebook in terms of organisation and de-cluttering. Looking forward to it!

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On 11/29/2018 at 5:12 PM, Jeremy Law said:


£400 Xmas Giveaway!


To celebrate the launch of our new forum, we’re giving away £100 in Amazon vouchers every week in the lead up to Christmas!


Why have we made a forum?


Some of you may be wondering why we’re making a forum when we have the Team Profit Facebook Group. We don’t want the forum to replace the group, but we do want to provide an alternative for those without Facebook and those who prefer the layout of a forum!


Whereas Facebook has it’s classic news-feed style, the forum is much more spread out and allows people to look for the content that they want to view by looking in a specific area.


The forum has dedicated threads on everything matched betting related such as daily profits, reload guides and a social section.


The forum allows you to sign up using your Facebook account or by using an email and creating a password.




Once signed up simply browse through our different threads, create new threads or comment on existing threads!


The Giveaway


We’ll be giving out £100 in Amazon vouchers to users who sign up and contribute to specific discussions. To enter, simply leave a comment (longer than a few words) on that week's topic. Winners will then be drawn at random to receive a prize: this week's topic is "Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself :)".


How to Enter Each Week

Click below to comment on the current week's thread.

Week 1 (29 Nov - 5 Dec): Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself :)

Week 2 (6 Dec - 12 Dec): To be revealed

Week 3 (13 Dec - 19 Dec): To be revealed

Week 4 (20 Dec - 26 Dec): To be revealed


What you can win


  • The amazon vouchers will be split up so that more people have a chance to win


  • The £100 will be split up like so 1 x £25, £10 x 3, £5 x 9, so we will have 13 winners per week!




  • You must enter the prize draw between these dates unless you’ve already introduced yourself on our welcome thread, in which case you’ll automatically qualify.


Week 1: 29/11/18 - 5/12/18


Week 2: 6/12/18 - 12/12/18


Week 3: 13/12/18 - 19/12/18


Week 4: 20/12/18 - 26/12/18


  • Only one entry per person


  • Prizes will be draw randomly


  • Vouchers will be emailed to you


Good luck to all and if you have any questions then reply to this thread below 🙂

Hi i am new to match betting if anyone has any top tips and advise please share 


Merry Christmas x

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