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Smarkets Offer Bet Confusion

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Sorry if this should be obvious, but I am confused about my first bet with Smarkets, i.e. The first £10 bet with my money. 

Do I bet this on the football team I chose for the offer, then I get 5 subsequent free bets which I continue to bet on their Premier League games? 

I only seemed to pick up what to do with the free bets, but nothing about the £10 I deposited. 

Thanks in advance


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Hi Kevin, so basically you have 5 risk free bets of £10 so you use that £10 you deposited as a free bet. So use the free bet calculator to place your bet, so try to go for higher odds for more profit. You then repeat this process for the next 4 of their premier league matches. You should make around £7.50 per bet so you should come out with £30 profit! 

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