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  1. Karen

    The world outside of matched betting

    I used to work for a solicitors. Started off life as a secretary, then took (some of) the Legal Executive exams and then gave up to have children. For a while when the children were young I did freelance Outdoor Clerking for solicitors which entailed going to Court and reporting back to the person in charge of the case on everything that happened - that's the consult with the barrister and the court hearing and you have to write at superfast speed to keep up! Anyhow, I gave that up as I "inherited" the breeding line of dogs that my father started. I've bred 7 litters over the years and have not only toured the length and breadth of the UK but Europe as well! My poor kids trouped over hundred of miles of ploughed fields in the winter because I was an acting member of the hunting section until Mr Blurrrrr pushed through the Hunting with Dogs Act! I judge the breed at the top level in the UK and have also judged abroad. I have two appointments to look forward to in 2019, one in the UK and one in Seattle. I am Vice President of the Breed Club and also VP for International Affairs of Saluki Centre in Saudi Arabia. My involvement with my dogs has literally taken me around the world - although I draw the line at Australia who one earth want to go somewhere that takes over a day to get there?! Neither of my children are interested in the dogs - I guess it put them off forever growing up in a world of backstabbing show people all clamouring for the top of the tree. They seem to have been concentrating on other things - I am now a grandmother to 5 grandchildren all born within a 6 year period. And I love it! My daughter introduced me to MB although I can't hold a candle to her profits!
  2. Karen

    How was your matched betting day?

    Wish my mishap paid off. For some reason I laid double the amount required on my lay bet on a horse - of course my back bet won! Lesson learned (yet again!) pay attention at all times! Then the internet went down for the In Play Bet365 bet, thank goodness for 4G! I suppose I shouldn't grumble, the footie made up for the losses and I finished the day £70 over my daily target.
  3. Thanks guys (and gals) - so Christmas really is a coming!
  4. Yes Paul it is. I didn't bet with them much either and then people started mentioning the generosity of this lovely bookie so I started placing £25 bets with them as that's the most I can afford atm with the other regular bets I do but I've been included on their last two offers with a £25 fb which is fair enough, thank you Bet365!
  5. Karen

    Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself!

    Thanks for this forum, FB drives me nuts at times! Opened my first bookies account in June but didn't really get started until the end of August. Just toodeling along and aiming for about £20 per day. Have found the "heads-up" posts on FB really useful so hoping for the same here without the off topic convo's.