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  1. Hi all, Been MB'ing now for about 2 months. Things are going well and I am almost at £1000 profit with many welcome offers still to do (thank you Cheltenham). I received a free bet offer from Ladbrooks (the standard bet x get y), but with a twist. The email is from Ladbrooks but mostly branded Coral. It says Coral and Ladbrooks have teamed up. Log into Ladbrooks account using my coral userID, deposit and bet £10 for £5 free bet at Ladbrooks and then £5 free bet the next day at Coral. I am not normally one to turn down a bet x get y offer but this seems a little strange. I am not sure if this is spam or more than likely a partnership with the two big bookies to pull me in and potentially gub me. They are good Bookies for me so don't really want to risk gubbing. Anyone ever had these types of offer? Happy to upload screen grab if you want. Any advice would be amazing.
  2. AndyB

    Question? Ask anything you want here!!

    Thanks Grinner. Just to add to my comment above... You only change the profit cell of the spreadsheet. Changing the odds cell will affect the odds on the lay bet line. Thanks and profit taken.
  3. AndyB

    Question? Ask anything you want here!!

    So a newbie to MB and have completed by first successful bets with Coral. I have moved onto WilliamHill and now placed all the bets I need to. My first place bet has come in (I have gone for horses with William Hill) and it won at the bookies at odds of 1.57. Although I don't think I clicked anything in the basket William Hill has said in my account that I have received a 'Best odds Guaranteed' bonus as the odds at the start of the race was 1.61. It nets me an extra 0.44p with the bookie, and as a result my back and lay bet was now the same. I assume I just adjust the bet bet odds in the Profit Spreadsheet and say thank you to the Bookie? I think this is a good thing and I am not over thinking this, but would welcome some reassurance.