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  1. Swamphen

    2up strategy

    I've done a few 2 ups before but they've never worked out. I don't want to have to learn all about football and think about the stats of one team against another so through casual reading on Facebook I've made this plan: Choose a match where the weak team is at home as the weak team has higher chance of going 2up, but if strong team goes 2up then the weak team has better chance of come back. Bet on odds above 1.7 because odds under 1.7 won't bring in much profit when you cash out lay bet. Bet on both sides using Paddy Power and Bet365. Will be doing this when I have time to recirculate funds out of Smarkets into Bet365 via bank. Should set up Paypal. Is this even a good plan? Does anyone else have any strategies?
  2. Swamphen

    The world outside of matched betting

    In April I decided to end my career in media and leave London. I went abroad with MB as my only source of income and it was going quite well until my laptop got wet. I was really sad as I was also trying to start a new career as a sports masseuse in the surf tourism industry while I was away but now I had not steady income and I couldn't afford to fix the macbook. A friend rescued me and now I'm setting up in Sheffield instead. It's not as exotic but it's about 2hrs to any other part of the country from here so that's handy for visiting everyone. Is anyone else from Sheffield?
  3. Swamphen

    Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself!

    Hello I start MB when I decided that I was going to change career and might need a safety net for if I didn't have any work. Then I went abroad and MB funded my stay in Portugal for a bit. I find it quite fun. Maybe there's a job for me somewhere with similar skill requirements. I'm not fast at maths though so I'd still need my calculator... Vi