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  1. cthierrymk

    Sky bet

    @Teddys14 Once you log in, go to "My account" then "Edit Account Details" and after you should see "Odds Format" to select what you want. You do that once and it will be saved in your preference.
  2. cthierrymk

    Betting abroad

    @Murco Most of bookmakers have licence to operate their business in UK and Ireland, that mean it is illegal to use them in another country where they have no licence. You can use VPN even some bookmakers will say it is illegal in their terms and conditions. Mobile phone datas is tricky as they can geolocalise you with GPS, better to use VPN on internet or wifi.
  3. cthierrymk


    @Hawaii58 When you log in Betfair Exchange, you go on "My Account" ( left side of deposit button ), then you go in "My Bets" you will find "Settled". "Open matched" and "Open Unmatched" If your bet was placed it will appear in "Settled" with won or lost and the amount. You can download this page also to check all your bets with your excel file. Another thing you can do also, still under "My Account" is go to "Account Statement" and you will see everything ( deposit, withdraw, bets lost, bets won and commission.... ), if your bet did not appear that mean it was Unmatched or was not confirmed before you log off.
  4. cthierrymk

    Question? Ask anything you want here!!

    Many gub very quick, you can find some advices in Team Profit https://www.teamprofit.com/mug-betting My advice will be to avoid to take all single offer you see from them to get FB on top of their Club, sometimes need to do others stuffs like ACCA. or a Boost, .... but not chase all the offers every day. It is easy for bookie to detect match bettor pattern based on your trigger bets and obviously your free bet odd chosen
  5. cthierrymk

    Is this doable?

    Depends how much money you have in exchange, to achieve that in the week you need to do many welcome offer at same time ( that mean deposit in all these bookies ), withdraw can take 3 days... big welcome offer is Bet365. profit can be 60-75 GBP, but you need money to cover liability. this is the link https://www.teamprofit.com/welcome-offers/bet365 You can check the summary of welcome offer in Team Profit to see the most profitable and how much liability you need for a given odd ( there is a table ) Good Luck
  6. cthierrymk

    Get a £5 free bet with your acca

    I just go in Smarkets exchange and I look for ready made ACCA 3 legs ( you just lay the YES ), check that odd in Moplay for the same ACCA will be acceptable ( not too far from lay odd ), but the good things for Moplay ACCA is total odd must be 1.5+ which is very low regarding others ACCA requirement
  7. cthierrymk

    Hills 2nd Place Money Back Offer

    As per terms and conditions : Only the first bet placed on the race will qualify (i.e. the bet struck with the lowest bet receipt number);
  8. cthierrymk

    Confuses about refund offers - unibet

    Hi there, I think you are talking about this calculator : https://www.oddsmonkey.com/Tools/Calculators/RiskFreeEqualProfitCalculator.aspx At the bottom of the result you have :Profit Breakdown" : As you said if bookmaker won you get £15.44 that is correct However if exchange win you said you will lose £19 that is incorrect because you can see in the profit breakdown that your free bet is added in the calculation. In the last column 85% x £40 = £34 that mean you will get - £19 + £34 = £15 it should be same amount as above £15.44 ( I did not simulate as I don't know your exchange com ( 0%, 2%, 5% .) As it is equal profit, you win in both side and you can not win the max in both side that mean £34. This will work with a free bet using calculator in mode SNR and choosing high odd like horses Hope that help
  9. cthierrymk

    Gubbed Thread

    Yes an email with subject "Important Account Information" or something which sound similar... I had only a case where it was a message left in the bookie website... Anyway somtimes you can feel it before receiving the email like for example you try to put a bet of 10 GBP and you can not because it had been restricted to lower value !!
  10. cthierrymk

    monthly dormancy fees or/and withdrawal fees

    One bookmaker said it is written in their Terms and Conditions. but they never contact customer as stipulated below : If your account remains dormant, after a minimum period of 30 days following Operator’s first attempt to notify you that your account has become dormant, Operator shall deduct a monthly Administration Fee from your account balance of £3 (or currency equivalent) at the time that it is deemed to be dormant. Operator shall use reasonable efforts to contact you. The Administration Fee calculated in accordance with above shall be deducted from your account balance on the expiry of the 30-day notification period mentioned above and every 30 days thereafter at the same rate until the earlier of: (a) your account balance reaching zero when no further Administration Fee shall be deducted and your account will be closed; or (b) you ‘reactivating’ your account when no further Administration Fee shall be deducted.
  11. cthierrymk

    monthly dormancy fees or/and withdrawal fees

    Tonybet does that each month, also betstars just seen it after Masters 2019....... MrGreen is different as it is fee on withdrawal
  12. Do you have a list of bookmakers charging fees in those 2 cases ? For example you want to withdraw 20 GBP ( your max available balance available in a bookmaker to withdraw ) and when you proceed to the withdrawal process you discover that you can only withdraw 18.5 GBP ( they keep 1.5 GBP )
  13. cthierrymk

    WH Golden Goal lock in

    I can only answer your question regarding bookmaker "if Watford score first and Wolves win the match" : bookmaker win - it will be always the case as your team score first, it does not matter who win at the end or if draw, bookmaker will pay you up to £50 Lay market I need a link as I can not see this market in smarkets or betfair. Anyway based on your description "lay to score first ": exchange lose
  14. cthierrymk

    WH Golden Goal lock in

    Hi there, the principle is the same as Bet365 2UP but with ONE GOAL like a 1UP 1- You back a team to win on WIN Market 90 min, you lay the team as usual on same market ( I can not see your link but I think you used a different market as you did an arb, your lay odd should not be lower than back odd as WH odd for Golden Goal is usually lower than market ). At this stage you should have a loss, your trigger loss. 2- Then you wait to see if the team you backed score first. If they don't score first then you end up with trigger loss. 3- if they score first you can use same early payout calculator than 2UP to place a back bet in exchange, this will reduce you liability and make a profit as bookmaker will pay you whichever the match finish in draw or your team loose. 4- the other scenario which can happen happen your team score first, is the match end up in a draw or your team loose, in that case if you did not do step 3 you will win also in exchange, that mean you won on both side. There is a guide and video about GOLDEN GOAL in team profit : https://www.teamprofit.com/william-hill-golden-goal
  15. cthierrymk

    Grand national

    In fact you don't have to deposit £250 unless you want to bet the full amount on a single horse. For example if your balance is £150 instead of £250 You bet all on horse choice 1 ( £75 win £75 place ), then you get refund £75 which is immediate ( 50% refund ) Then you bet £75 on horse choice 2 ( £37.5 win £37.5 place ) then you get refund £37.5 ( 50% refund ) Then you do your last bet £25 on horse choice 3 ( £12.5 win £12.5 place ), and you get your final refund £12.5 ( 50% refund ) Total refund : £75 + £37.5 + £12.5 = £125 You start with a balance of £150 and at the end your balance will be £150 - £250 + £125 = £25