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  1. cthierrymk

    Weekly Bet Clubs

    just a comment about Quinnbet club Bet 5 x £5 Get £5 I received an email ( I suppose mailing list ) saying : the bets you are placing have regretfully been identified by our traders as matched or arbitrage betting... They will yellow card your account after that, and instead to gub you they will ask you to Bet 10 x £10 to Get £5 That is completely crazy, spending £25 per week will now increase to £100 per week
  2. cthierrymk

    Grand national

    @ALZ Just few comments : - The liability will be mainly link to the odd of the horse you have chosen, for example back stake £125 with back odd 8 / lay odd 8.2 will give you liability of £880, however if you choose an horse with back odd 6 / lay odd 6.2 liability will be around £630 ( that is £250 less ). If there is no minimum odd for this offer you can pick the favorite, maybe in some race it will be between odd 2 to 3 ( more affordable liability ) - You can do many bets as you have 2 days or a bit more to place them, but when you said 5 bets, I suppose it is £50 in total for each bet, that mean each of your bet will be £25 WIN and £25 EW. As to get the 50% return on max £125, it is equivalent of 1 bet £125 WIN and £125 EW. - Usually when people choose EW, it is in case of the horse does not win but finish in the places, they will get back their WIN stake. In other word that mean they need to choose an horse with minimum odd 5/1 ( or 6 decimal ) in case the place is paid 1/5 because the equivalent odd for the palce will be EVS ( 2 decimal ). Now if the place is paid 1/4, the min odd will be 4/1... Obviously what I said above is more when people does not lay, and expect profit or no loss, by betting on a favourite, but it is still risky. Hope this clarify a bit more.
  3. cthierrymk

    Bet X Get Y Offers - ask anything!

    @ALZ It it is a mub bet, be sure you lay it as normal bet and not as free bet (SNR ) with calculator Better to finish the offer before to withdraw, meanwhile you can also look at some nice reload offers in bet365 which are 2UP for footbal, and 4/1 for horses racing, you will find guide in Teamprofit
  4. cthierrymk

    Price Boosts

    @Jeremy Law Thanks for your reply, the boost I can see are there for more than few minutes, evern flash odds or acca week end boost or midweek, I think the one very short are more arbs highligthed in red in Oddsmonkey. Why I did not subscribe to Oddsmonkey, simply because I am living abroad and using many VPN to log in, and I don't want to take further risks to place bets through third party, which is the main advantage of Oddsmonkey to save time.
  5. cthierrymk

    The best way

    You need to follow the guide starting with £100. With big event coming like cheltenham, you need to open as many bookies account as you can and do their welcome offer. With big bank roll in exchange you can go to the welcome offer requiring high liability like bet365 or the one with multi bet like redbet. etc.... After that you need to look into https://www.teamprofit.com/reload-guides there are plenty of guide for Football and horses racing, you will often read in the weekly blog about 2UP for football in bet365 or paddypower, and High 5 for horses racing in WilliamHill, ..... in those you can bet big stake, but start lower first to learn . You can then look at price boost, bet club, acca, casino. cashback With match betting need patience it is not gambling, as you need to place 2 bets each time and have money in both side. Good luck
  6. cthierrymk

    Coral welcome offer

    Decimal odds is shown when you sign in on the top right corner above quick deposit. Welcome offer just follow the video to sign up, it should also appear in the promotion page of coral
  7. cthierrymk

    Profit & Loss

    Nothing wrong, not all the boost are good, often back odd is lower than lay odd at same moment, I never got profit Ladrokes boost. Maybe unless you do it at 2 different times in the day which can be risky like a horse with high early price and a boost, and later on maybe will decrease before the race start, but the opposite can happen also, need to wait to see the trend and pick up the right horse. I ask question about Boost in another thread but no answers yet, as in the daily blog they show lot of profit for boost in oddsmonkey ( I don't have it )
  8. cthierrymk

    Bet X Get Y Offers - ask anything!

    @ALZ I did that one on 7 Feb, I deposited £25, I place on single bet of £25 odd 2.0+, I got then the FB of £25 I used it. As I lost above both bets. money in exchange. I deposited on 12 Feb £10, I did a Toteplacepot to be honest was first time, I lost and then they refund me my £10 as cash not a free bet. you can withdraw if you want after that. Hope that help
  9. cthierrymk

    Newbie. Enquiring

    Just follow the guide week by week ( all explanations are given in the links below ) by choosing the amount you want to start : £10 or £25 or £100. https://www.teamprofit.com/starting-with-10 https://www.teamprofit.com/starting-with-25 https://www.teamprofit.com/starting-with-100
  10. cthierrymk

    Bet X Get Y Offers - ask anything!

    @Antiquated I did the welcome offer of Sport Pesa in January it was bet £50 get £50, my TR bet lose, then I got the Free Bet £50, I used high odd and it loose also. At the end I got all the money in Exchanges for TR bet and Free Bet, I did not do any waggering, and nothing to withdraw from Sportpesa as balance was 0
  11. cthierrymk

    Price Boosts

    Hi there, in the daily blog, the last one of Friday 1st Feb, it said ""Don't forget to check out the profit boost thread as the total yesterday was £22! Dont miss out!"" . Can we know more about the content of these £22 or it is a secret kept for the members of oddsmonkey ? I check may bookmakers but I can't find that much, or odds boosted is too low like Ladbrokes, or can not be layed, etc... except some boost acca from skybet, WH, sometimes some offer in BV or 188BET or Betway
  12. cthierrymk

    Preferred Exchange?

    A quick question about Betfair exchange. after using it for a month with 0% welcome offer, they send to me a message to choose between 3 packages : Diamond, gold, basic, with different promotions inside ( like free spins, acca, BOG, 10% loss refund, etc... ). however there is big difference on commission : 8%. 5% and 2%. I did not find anything about those packages in Team Profit website
  13. cthierrymk

    Mega Guide - Football Offers

    A quick question about the offer of WH Golden Goal, in the T&C they say they will pay next day ( not like the 2UP ), is it not risky to cash out the lay bet ? any experiences is welcome thank you
  14. cthierrymk

    K8 Bet - £10 free bet

    I did their offer and they credited me of 2 free bets £20, I used both, then they sent an email to say due to system error 1 free bet had been void ! just be careful if that happen as the laybet need to be cash out or a back bet need to be added.
  15. cthierrymk

    free £2 bets

    Usually I place the 3 bets on same selection and at the end it is like a £6 back bet, you can reuse the bet slip in Coral