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  1. BWFC1988

    Karamba Sign-Up

    I've heard a few instances of problems with Karamba but I had no issues. Mansion Bet on the other hand, they've refused all forms of utility bill I've sent so far.... Really struggling to withdraw £50
  2. BWFC1988

    K8 Bet - £10 free bet

    Yep, missed that. Managed to turn a small profit on it in the end.
  3. BWFC1988

    The world outside of matched betting

    I feel your pain, I'm a Bolton Wanderers season ticket holder...
  4. BWFC1988

    K8 Bet - £10 free bet

    One to look out for - only members recieving the email are eligible - mine was in my junk box. K8 are celebrating the sacking of the special one... Deposit £20 to receive a £10 bet on sports. Doesn't mention anything about staking your £20 either, although I doubt they'll appreciate you not doing! Apologies if this has already mentioned elsewhere.
  5. BWFC1988

    Big Slot Wins Share thread

    Thanks for the info Tom
  6. I've been matched betting for 4 weeks now. I havent ventured into sequential betting on accumulators yet. It seems very daunting...
  7. BWFC1988

    Big Slot Wins Share thread

    Wow. The £22 I've just had off Come On pales into insignificance having seen this thread. While we're on the subject of slots, does it count towards 'mugging' your account, so to speak. I've been rounding off to the nearest £ by going on the slots before withdrawing in an attempt to disguise myself.
  8. BWFC1988

    Tip - Welcome offers to avoid

    I didn't have any issues with Karamba. Betregal withdrew my welcome bonus the minute I registered so I withdrew my £20 deposit.
  9. BWFC1988

    Price Boosts

    The profit margin is better if you take Wolves to draw. Currently Skybet @ 10 Smarkets @7.6.
  10. BWFC1988

    The world outside of matched betting

    Oh there's plenty of horror stories, I'll keep them to myself whilst you're all eating your breakfast though!
  11. BWFC1988

    The world outside of matched betting

    Yeh it doesn't suit anybody who's claustrophic! I don't know what I enjoy more in regards to matched betting. The money or beating the bookie...
  12. BWFC1988

    The world outside of matched betting

    I'm a kitchen Extraction cleaner. Matched betting is a great way to make a few extra quid. And a lot easier than having to crawl through ducting!
  13. BWFC1988

    Gubbed Thread

    They've limited me to the exact same stake, which just happens to be slightly less than the minimum £5 bet you need to place to qualify for their bet £5, get £5 promotion. Coincidence!?
  14. BWFC1988

    Gubbed Thread

    Just been gubbed by Betway this afternoon. What a mickey mouse outfit they are! I've been a member for 4 weeks. My backed bets with them lost for the first 3 weeks. Week 4 I won roughly £150 - now I'm exempt from all promotions...