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  1. Pound+

    Cash First Casinos

    Hi, do all casinos use cash before bonus when wagering is required, if not is there a list available of those that don't? Thanks.
  2. Pound+

    Youtube Channel

    So eachway and extra places, accas and win only dutching aren't what they used to be, mix this with gubbing and a pinch of unreasonable account verification requirements = a thin gruel, to be sure!
  3. Pound+

    I can't believe what I have just done!

    Hmm...I've been at it for over a year now but twice this week, yes TWICE I missed qualifying for free bets as I didn't read the Ts & Cs properly and placed my trigger bets below the minimum odds...£16 down the pipes. I did mutter 'King Ell', amongst other things. So, always check and re-check the Ts & Cs!