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  1. Pound+

    Cash First Casinos

    Thanks Chris, it was just a hope really. I want to get into slots now having concentrated on sports bets up to now, they look pretty straight forward but this aspect of wagering cash and bonus has been holding me back.
  2. Pound+

    Cash First Casinos

    Hi, do all casinos use cash before bonus when wagering is required, if not is there a list available of those that don't? Thanks.
  3. Pound+

    Youtube Channel

    So eachway and extra places, accas and win only dutching aren't what they used to be, mix this with gubbing and a pinch of unreasonable account verification requirements = a thin gruel, to be sure!
  4. Pound+

    I can't believe what I have just done!

    Hmm...I've been at it for over a year now but twice this week, yes TWICE I missed qualifying for free bets as I didn't read the Ts & Cs properly and placed my trigger bets below the minimum odds...£16 down the pipes. I did mutter 'King Ell', amongst other things. So, always check and re-check the Ts & Cs!