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  1. My top tips for beginners are.. Treat MBing like a business, track everything in Profit Tracker, do as much as you can even if its small profits as small profits always add up in the Long run. use Tom's Lunch Time profits: https://www.teamprofit.com/toms-lunchtime-profits Check emails frequently! (alot or some offers are invite email only) Open them and make sure you read the T&C's Lurk the Facebook group regularly as There is some great information and new offers added there by members! https://www.facebook.com/groups/525981434223410/ I clear about 1-2k a month at the moment, using these methods: ARBING. EACHWAY MATCHER DUTCH MATCHER RELOAD OFFERS PRICE BOOSTS I don't personally do 2ups or 14ups or much racing offers but they can be very profitable! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY. Being around betting sites constantly can be dangerous if you have a history of gambling so stay clear of gambling unless you are using advantage play methods and risk free mug bets!