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  1. ALZ

    Coral Bet & Get Club offer

    Yeah, got a slip, went to cash and the guy said "its gone onto your card" Just didn't track in my betting history and wasn't sure of my previous balance so hard to check on. I'll work it out by next Friday
  2. ALZ

    Coral Bet & Get Club offer

    Hi , i do this offer every week. I use my online bet as Free bet snr and punt the in shop bet. Yesterday i won on the dogs in shop. The cashier said it went on my account. Now i can't find the bet in my history online. Not sure if it payed out or not. Anybody else win in shop and know more about this ?
  3. ALZ

    Top cash back offers

    After completing the recent Topcashback offers, all but the Magic vegas cash back tracked as pending. Just logged in and now i have £99 declined. I don't understand why as i wagered everything as requested. Anyone else having this problem. Trying to query it with Topcashback but site isn't letting me raise a ticket yet.
  4. ALZ

    Winning on slots and bingo

    How does Bob work ? I wagered £10 of my sign up stake, won nothing. Then got the £10 back the next day, won nothing. Is that it now ? I'm £10 down ? Haven't received anything else back.
  5. ALZ

    Winning on slots and bingo

    Cheers Tom , appreciate the reply.
  6. ALZ

    Winning on slots and bingo

    Hi, i'm looking at doing the Gala cashback offer on Quidco. First of all, i signed up using the link but no £2 odd showing. Then i chose the premium account, is it worth it ? Finally , i noticed in terms and conditions that you may not qualify for the offer if you have a registered account with Coral. Has anyone had a problem with this as i have Coral ?
  7. ALZ

    Grand national

    I'm just looking at the Grand National thread on odds monkey. It's an offer from bet 365 and profit of just under £80. This offer requires a large bank of over a £1000 in liability. There's another method where you can split it into 5 bets which should be less liability, but a bit more involving. Has anybody else looked into this offer or any other for the Grand National ? I know its early days.
  8. Hi, just signed up for Matchbook on the chelt offer. Which calculator should i use to grab some profit please ?
  9. I also just noticed i have placed my first 2 bets without clicking the "use free bet credits" So, £60 worth of a mug bet essentially ? @odds of 6.0.
  10. Hi, just using the bet 365 offer, still have £40 left to stake from my credits. I'd like to know if i ca withdraw my stake money yet or should i wait until i have staked a £100 worth of credits ? My trigger bet also won so i had quite a lot in my 365 account. I currently have £210 and i'm trying to back odds of around 6.0 so my money is more likely to end up in the exchange.
  11. Nice one Tom, had £4.55 from this, now need to make it over 5 to withdraw.
  12. Just went for the K8 offer and failed. Did the 20 bet and get , but didn't get ! Went in the live chat about it, service was ok but result was not. They claimed i signed up using the wrong offer which i don't believe to be true. If they are right, i would have expected some good will from them. What they offered me was a £10 bet and get but i didn't trust them any longer and withdrew my remaining £10. Has anybody else had problems with them ? The website never ran smooth the whole time i used them either.
  13. Hi, just looking at the Totesport sign up and it looks different to what is listed. They're offering £35 , £25 on sports and £10 on pools. What is the best way to complete this offer ? Also wondering how much to sign up with, it says £5 - £25
  14. Cheers Tom, had naff all from casino but around £25 from my bets