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  1. I know there's a lot of guides on casino, but how does everyone decide their favourite? I know RTP plays a factor, and so does variance...but what about the number of paylines? The features, etc? For examples, some slots games will have the same RTP, but one may have 100 paylines, and the other may only have 15. Is there a guide or a table that lists all of this information, and how do you find it out, besides clicking on EVERY single slot game to find out this info?
  2. Lorelei

    Matched Betting Goals For 2019

    Complete the welcome offers, reloads, learn more and take it steady. Eventually learn 2 ups, and maybe some casino. Hoping to get a steady amount to save up for traveling alongside work.
  3. Lorelei

    How was your matched betting day?

    https://beatthedrop.paddypower.com It's a 10 question thing. You start with £1000 and can either put all your money into one question, or split the amount between yes and no. Things like, will there be a goal scored before 21mins. Or will there be 3 or more goals, etc. I got to question 6 before I split them, but some which were seemed a given to happen (I checked the odds), I put all of it on one answer. Question 10 I had £250, and one was pretty much 90% sure, but thought knowing my like it will go against the odds lol. So split it £200 and £50 (but you can do half and half or whatever amount you want). Money was in paddy power credit instantly, withdrawal was successful, now just waiting for it to be in my bank. So super easy. Think it's a 30 day trial to play for free, then after that time is up, you pay for the entries.
  4. Lorelei

    How was your matched betting day?

    After a lot of days trying, I won £200 on paddy powers beat the drop. Nice little happy.
  5. Lorelei

    Post your Matched Betting set ups!

    Lol, hadn't actually noticed how high it was! Landlord won't let us add new holes to walls, I'm just lucky there was something there to use! Haha. Keen eye for detail! Lol
  6. Lorelei

    Laptop suggestions.....

    If possible I'd try and find one that has an ethernet port. I think internet connection is the biggest factor, and sometimes WiFi can be weaker and slower than wired connection. Obviously laptops are good for portability, but ethernet is much more stable. (Obviously depending on your broadband provider, but something to think about!)
  7. Lorelei

    Question? Ask anything you want here!!

    Does eSports count as obscure? Noticed a few bookies have eSports on their sites now.
  8. Lorelei

    Loose change in bookies

    I wondered about slots, because id seen a few people be gubbed from the casino parts of bookies because they'd never used it before? I thought maybe the odd 50p or 70p (anything less than £1), to maybe prevent that? Obviously there's no rhyme or reason to gubbing sometimes. I didn't even know you could bet with less than £1 originally. I think if its £1 or more id probably do an acca or something. Thank you!
  9. I'm quite new to this myself, but getting oddsmonkey straight away is my big thing. Its such a nightmare trying to manually organise profit once you've already been doing it for a while .It also massively helps me to organise my sign up offers and what free bets I have used. (Everything is listed as Normal, or SNR bet). The £1 trial is the best things, and a no brainer. Get a diary. A day per page diary & make sure Saturday and Sunday has its own page as these will be the biggest days. It's easy to read everyone else's posts, and see how much they're making and sometimes be discouraged by your lower profits. Don't let it. Everyone has different reasons for matched betting, different bank sizes, and different financial commitments. Some people dip into their profits, some let it accumulate which means they can hit the higher offers/profits a lot quicker. Go at your own pace, do what works for you.
  10. Lorelei

    The world outside of matched betting

    Good luck with the business Azad! Hospitality is definitely a great industry, but like you said, only evenings can take it's toll! @Chris Harvey I am looking at getting into the travel industry. Its one of my biggest passions and the main reason i'm matched betting. Looking at taking a year off and travelling and working all around the world, Europe, Asia, South America, basically everywhere. So far i've never even been on a plane or to an airport! @Tom Portlock Sounds like a great week! I can definitely see the twitch streaming, lol. That was my first money making idea, if only to cover a new game every so often. Who knows, maybe from this i'll be able to upgrade to a 2080 GPU, lol.
  11. Lorelei

    Gubbed Thread

    It's official! I have had my first gubbing! Sportingbet. Only placed my trigger bet and SNR bet with them within a week, and got my gubbing email today. Just curious as to who else is pasrt of the same company, and who I can expect to be gubbed from. Also, I haven't completed all the welcome offers. What happens if you've been gubbed from a bookie, and then sign up with a bookie under the same company later on? Will you instantly be gubbed? Is it worth even doing the sign up offer, or will you place your trigger bet and not be eligible for the free bet (get gubbed before its been credited). Obviously to me its worth giving it a go as the QL is worth the risk, but, is it likely to happen?
  12. Lorelei

    Loose change in bookies

    Hello, What do you do when you have under £5 in the bookies. I have maybe £1.20 in coral, £3 somewhere else, 30p etc scattered around. It a little bit annoying. Do you leave it there for a later date? Or do you try your luck with it on spins? I tried to get rid of what I had in bwin (less than £1) on blood suckers, I got 10p profit on my first spin, but now it says the coin value is too high (25p), I only have 15p. When you have such low meaningless amounts, what are the preferred slots to use (if any), that let you go lower coin value, because I cant afford Blood suckers lol.
  13. Lorelei

    Post your Matched Betting set ups!

    Daytime and night-time set ups. It's more for gaming, but a little matched betting on it can't hurt!
  14. What does everyone do outside of matched betting? I've currently spent years in retail and bar work, which seems to have dried up and full time positions are few and far between (why have full timers when you can have lots of part timers). Currently doing this as a top up to help tide me over whilst looking for a career change. Interested to see what people do in the 'real world'? From groups I've seen it's a very diverse group that do matched betting.
  15. I use Metro. I did originally open a bank account with Monzo especially for matched betting, but had a problem with BetFred not giving me my free bets because it wasn't a 'bank'...(it is). I then had a long back and forth, I got my free bets because they decided it was a bank afterall, but by that time, I figured its easier to just use a normal bank and one that's not an 'ex' non bank. Id recommend just having a throwaway bank, I purposely chose metro because its a bank I wouldn't use normally.