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  1. 6tease


    Ok looking for advice signed up as new customer with Karamba had my 1st bet settled, went onto live chat to claim my free £10 to be told " I'm afraid bonuses have been disabled from your account. Kindly note that this was a decision made by our management team and bonuses will remain disabled on your account for the foreseeable future." Can i do anything about it?, i have threatened to report them . Not sure if i can or whether i've just got to accept being gubbed. !!! Any advice gratefully accepted. Martin
  2. 6tease

    pickled brain !!!!!

    appreciate the reply Tom, thought cash out was sensible option !!! but got away with it in the end Nante won the game and completed the Acca. Certainly makes me more aware of what i'm doing now. Coming upto end of 2nd month and should go through £800 this week.
  3. 6tease

    pickled brain !!!!!

    Ok Made my first big mistake but hoping theres a way out. using smarkets accas i did both friday night trebles but while backing them on SKYBET in error i added Nantes game on tuesday 08/01/19 instead of tonights. Theres no issue with one of the trebles as results went my way. Now what i'm looking for is advice on how to minimise my losses as my lay bet went down costing me £180. 1. i can let it ride and hope Nantes beat Montpellier at home i'll lose 89p which i can handle 2. i can cash out for £68.40 and learn a big lesson. 3. Someone out their knows how i could reduce losses by maybe backing Montpellier on Tuesday at 2.9 my gut instict is to cash out and learn a £120 lesson. But you lot are a lot more experienced and hope you have a different solution. Cheers in anticipation. Martin
  4. 6tease

    Coral free bets for goals

    Brilliant thought it would be something simple.
  5. 6tease

    Bet365 free bets

    Thanks banked and not gubbed.
  6. Ok things have been going great since i started match beting a month ago. Just been given 3 x £5 free bets for goals. not sure how it works any advice welcome. cheers all
  7. 6tease

    Bet365 free bets

    Right reasonably new to this but finding things ok. I have placed my trigger bet with Bet365 but i'm wondering. Should i use all the free bet of £100 in one go,or will this highlight me and risk a gubbing. Would smaller bets of £10 or £20 be more sensible ?. Thanks all for any advice given
  8. 6tease

    The world outside of matched betting

    I'm a civil servant working in the prison service as a woodwork instructor, does make taking advantage of daytime offers a tad difficult as i can't have a mobile at work or any sites linked to betting. But bonus is i finish lunchtime Friday's so can plan mt MB early.
  9. Early lesson for me. Always check you don't have limits set on your exchange account. placed a backing bet, but could not lay it off as i had exceeded my limit. Got away with that one as it won anyway. But having asked Betfair for an increase turns out i have to wait until Saturday before i can continue my journey.
  10. 6tease

    Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself!

    Hi first week match betting. Two trigger bets and profits made, with no hiccups apart from one company making it difficult to withdraw my money with there unstable site. Looking forward to spending time in the forum. Martin