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  1. Tron

    The world outside of matched betting

    I’m a bit of a jack of all trades, my wife calls me Chandler as nobody really gets what I do Started off as an electronics engineer specialising in consumer electronic repairs and then moved on to becoming an operations engineer for a large payment system company. I specialised in payment compliance and now work for a large financial institution basically in a analyst/consultancy role making sure they remain compliant to international standards. I also keep my hand in the electronics side of things and run a small Apple Repairs workshop which ticks along.. MB I had heard about from a couple of friends and I was a just a regular mug as never really understood it, so glad my good friend pushed me into learning it, its helped I a lot recently financially.
  2. Don’t rush things, double check your laying the correct amount and always underlay Sky soccer Saturday accumulators!!
  3. Tron

    Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself!

    Hi all! Quite new to MB, started in August. Had a few lucky moments! It’s been a great help for extra cash every month to put towards Christmas and holidays. I usually stick to sports but dipped in to a few casino/bingo offers. My profit is about 3.5k so very happy. 1.5k from 888 casino welcome offer, pure luck!
  4. Tron

    Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone! It’s looking good in here!