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  1. Sambo95

    The Wife

    Gonna get the girlfriend into it too. Any other tips Tom??
  2. Sambo95

    Winning on slots and bingo

    I don't think the offer is running anymore but from what I remember it's not that good value anymore as people rinsed the offer lol
  3. hit a BOG on City Island earlier, extra 10 quid not bad!
  4. Sambo95

    Gubbed Thread

    gubbed by moplay the other day gutted as they have loads on atm. ah well still got plenty of others to smash
  5. Sambo95

    Free spins

    nice one mate. 20 quid for 2 minutes work! got £10 off a minute of free spins on paddypower yesterday
  6. Sambo95


    just back and lay in normal mode to qualify and then use free bet mode on the calculator to use the free bet
  7. Sambo95

    Betting Spreadsheet

    The sheet doesn't do betdaq I don't think. Their odds are terrible anyway and you can get 0% on smarkets and matchbook with OM subscription so no point in using betdaq anyway tbh
  8. Sambo95

    Premier League Predictions

    Hey guys, thought I'd see what other people reckon is gonna happen this season so feel free to post yours! Here are my predictions: 1st Man City 2nd Liverpool 3rd Chelsea 4th Arsenal (home, sweet home) To get relegated: Huddersfield, Cardiff, Southampton Top Scorer: Aguero Top Assists: Sterling Champions League: Barcelona (not prem, I know!)
  9. Sambo95

    Mega Guide - Football Offers

    Does laying DIY offers work out more profitable than just using advantage play and punting the trigger bet?
  10. Sambo95

    bet365 £50 in play offer PSG V Liverpool

    What do people ususally put the in-play bet on? I usually go for a draw as it's a safe bet for a close match and I don't have that much liability lol
  11. Sambo95

    bet365 £50 in play offer PSG V Liverpool

    I got this too! They are a generous bunch lol
  12. Don't let FOMO ruin matched betting for you, you can't do every offer under the sun so just do a manageable amount and if you need to take a break for as long as you need!