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  1. chrisnlewis

    The world outside of matched betting

    Hi all, I’ve been a pro drummer most of my working life. Been lucky to travel the world whilst doing it, but 5 years ago I decided to open a studio in my home town of Burnley to plan for a future where I could work without all the traveling. The studio and my drum teaching has gone from strength to strength, and I’m currently expanding the business because it’s so busy. Being self employed has made it easier to put time aside for MB. I tend to do all my MB stuff in the mornings, as I don’t usually have to open the studio till after lunch. The downside is that I’m busy in the evenings and weekends which makes it harder to get on the 2UPs and other weekend offers. I always find a way though!
  2. chrisnlewis

    Bankroll management

    I withdraw all the time, quite often in the hundreds. I don’t think you should worry about it at all. I reckon the Sky thing was coincidence.
  3. chrisnlewis

    Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself!

    Hi all. I joined Team Profit just over 3 months ago. Already built my bank up to around £4.5k, and enjoyed (almost) every minute. Very excited about the new forum!