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  1. Siany

    Matched Betting Goals For 2019

    I want to branch out into casino offers when I've got time to sit and learn how to do them properly. Also I would like to learn how to do the extra place horse racing offers because I have filed them under "too complicated" so far! 2019 will be my first full year of matched betting so I would like to set and achieve a target of £5,000 profit for the year.
  2. Siany

    The world outside of matched betting

    In real life I work full time in a primary school office which is both demanding and entertaining in equal measure. Public sector pay is pretty dire so matched betting helps top up my salary, I like to think of it as my "having fun" money. And I don't have to go to work during most of the school holidays so I have plenty of free time to catch up on all the offers I miss out on while I'm at work.
  3. I still consider myself a newbie (been MB for about 7 months) but these are things I did that worked (or things I wish I had done sooner!) ... 1. Use a separate bank account. If it means starting out with a small balance, so be it. That way you know you aren't dipping into your family finances or whatever. And it is great to see your bank balance growing and knowing that it is just basically free money that you have "earned". 2. Get a separate e-mail account just for matched betting. This is essential in my opinion. You will need to sign up for notifications, e-mail alerts and special offers from bookies. You will get multiple e-mails a day from some. Keep them in a separate account, it is just easier all round. 3. Make up a password and username that you can use for multiple sites. Password-wise, use something that has e.g. a capital letter, a number and maybe a special character. Then you can use the same one for all your MB websites and you won't need to write it down or have multiple passwords for all the different sites. 4. Use oddsmonkey. Massive timesaver and worth every penny. 5. Keep track of your bets. Personally I use 2 spreadsheets - one to log the detail of my bets (I use the Team Profit Tracker for this) and one to keep a basic record of current bets/withdrawals/offers that I am waiting to complete - you could use a notebook if you prefer to write things down. But keep track. Once you get going, you will have multiple open bets/accas/bet clubs on the go and you need to keep on top of them. 6. Start simple, start slow. If you are starting with a small balance it will take time to build up a balance at the exchange so you can lay multiple bets at the same time. It doesn't matter, it isn't a race. Take your time. Patience is a virtue. Use your spare time waiting for bets to settle or withdrawals to appear in your bank account to swot up on the Team Profit videos and guides - it will be time well spent. 7. Enjoy the ride! Yes, you will eventually get gubbed. The first one hurts the most. But pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on to the next opportunity.
  4. Siany

    Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone! I started MB about 7 months ago knowing absolutely NOTHING about bookmakers, bets or odds. I started with just £20 and I have made about £2,500 profit so far, just doing the easy sign-up offers and a couple of weekly bet clubs. It took a long time to build up my balances at the exchange but I am finding it much easier now that I have got a decent balance to work with. I would not have had a clue where to start without the fantastic Team Profit website, the guides are so clear and easy to follow, even for a total newbie like me. When I've got some spare time over Christmas I am hoping to start doing casino offers too. Just need to find time to read the guides!!