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  1. LtlT

    Golden Goal - Liverpool vs Barcelona

    Lock in is up now @Tom Portlock
  2. LtlT

    Golden Goal - Tottenham vs Ajax

    Locked in £5 :D
  3. What does everyone do? Is it best to lock in at 2-0, 2-1, or 2-2?
  4. LtlT

    Share my pain

    Noooooooooooooo :'(
  5. LtlT

    Missing Something

    How does losing £5 and winning £4.98 = a loss of £5?
  6. LtlT

    Price Boosts

    Literally love price boosts, made around £20 yesterday for a few minutes work and no free bets needed!
  7. LtlT

    Online Trading

    I did trading 212 and got about £15 a few weeks ago!
  8. Use only the free bets mate, withdraw the £22
  9. LtlT

    William Hill Closing Shops!

    Hopefully we still get good offers!
  10. LtlT

    Big Slot Wins Share thread

    Decent! 40p too! Think my biggest win from a 40p spin has been about a tenner haha
  11. LtlT

    2up question

    Is it always good to cash out or let it run?
  12. LtlT

    Youtube Channel

    yeah i normally don't do accas anymore either, used to be good but much more money to be made elsewhere at the mo!
  13. Really good guide chris. It can be a pain waiting for cashback to come in sometimes, but most of mine have tracked and been paid within the month. Easiest few hundred quid i've ever made!
  14. LtlT

    Unibets £50 Cash Refund - Darts

    Great offer this!
  15. LtlT

    Big Slot Wins Share thread

    My biggest win is about £10 mate so don't worry lol