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  1. LtlT

    Big Slot Wins Share thread

    Decent! 40p too! Think my biggest win from a 40p spin has been about a tenner haha
  2. LtlT

    2up question

    Is it always good to cash out or let it run?
  3. LtlT

    Youtube Channel

    yeah i normally don't do accas anymore either, used to be good but much more money to be made elsewhere at the mo!
  4. Really good guide chris. It can be a pain waiting for cashback to come in sometimes, but most of mine have tracked and been paid within the month. Easiest few hundred quid i've ever made!
  5. LtlT

    Unibets £50 Cash Refund - Darts

    Great offer this!
  6. LtlT

    Big Slot Wins Share thread

    My biggest win is about £10 mate so don't worry lol
  7. LtlT

    Smarkets Welcome Offer

    It's nice to combine this with other offers
  8. LtlT

    The world outside of matched betting

    Id take mbing over crawling any day!
  9. LtlT

    Bet 365 Bet 50 get 50 Liverpool vs Napoli

    I got £35 from the £50 inplay #winning
  10. LtlT

    Big Slot Wins Share thread

    Nice wins! Im too scared to do slots at the moment but once i build up a decent bank i'll start giving it a go slowly but surely!
  11. LtlT

    Preferred Exchange?

    Matchbook all the way
  12. LtlT

    Confessions when Camouflaging as a mug

    I sometimes go into a bookmaker shop with a hat and glasses and speak with a strange accent...
  13. LtlT

    Bet 365 Bet 50 get 50 Liverpool vs Napoli

    Full 50 smackers here!
  14. LtlT

    Preferred Exchange?

    I use matchbook for everything now because of 0% and better odds. Recommended by someone else on TP!