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  1. breakevenpt

    Matched Betting Goals For 2019

    Hi everyone - for me my goals for 2019 are to finish off the sign up offers and find the strength / bravery to start doing the casino offers. I see other peoples stories on here and to me you are all brave for doing what you do. I think this goal will allow me to attain my second goal of reaching £10000 per year which seems a lot when you say it like that but it's only £200 per week! Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone.
  2. breakevenpt

    The world outside of matched betting

    Hi everybody, this is a really interesting post - it truly shows that Matched Betting appeals to all sorts. I started life as an Engineer (Electronic) many years ago and for a few years now I have been making Celebration and Wedding Cakes - you name it I can make it!! from scale models of cars and boats to 5 and 6 tier wedding cakes. I love maths and logic so I am intrigued by MB and started out on this part of my journey about 6 months ago.
  3. breakevenpt

    How was your matched betting day?

    I had an odd one yesterday that did make me smile.... So I am stake limited by one of my bookies which meant that I was limited to £4.55 for my bet - ok I thought a quick turnaround for a 30p profit will do instead of the few pounds that I would have liked. Long story short, I happened to revisit the bookie for another bet and realised that my cashout was +35p, I was also in Betfair and realised that the cash out was going nuts as it was during the race, ended with both cashed out so +35p at the bookies and +£19 ish at Betfair for a £4.55 bet! That was pure luck and I know is never likely to happen again but I took it and smiled.
  4. breakevenpt

    Bankroll management

    Thanks for the nod Oliver I have been trying to do this however the combination of the high amount and the high liability is just killing me slowly. I'll get there it will just take time, as you say "camouflage yourself as a mug" is the most important thing. Thanks for the nod.
  5. breakevenpt

    Top Tips - "My top tip for a beginner is..."

    ... don't get carried away by how easy your first few offers are to complete, it gets harder very quickly as soon as you make your first mistake which will probably be a silly one. An example being the OddsMonkey OddsMatcher tool is great BUT the default filter setting of events up to 2 MONTHS in the future is no good if... You are going for a bet club that is happening each week or an offer that is time qualified you have just failed to be within the Ts and Cs of the offer if you don't notice the match or event you have just bet on is 2 or 3 weeks away. When you do 1. above you will also have tied up your Bookie balance and more importantly your Exchange Balance because of the liability for your Lay bet for the duration of the bet which could be days or weeks. A couple of people have mentioned checking carefully before you bet but this is an example of how I got caught TWICE but the daft thing was it was a large amount tied up for a very small return. I felt silly the first time, swore at myself the second and have never done it since......
  6. breakevenpt

    Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself!

    Hi everyone, I have been MB on and off since April and am about £1000 up so nowhere near where i wanted to be but still at it - I have yet to pluck up the courage to go for the casino offers but I think that is where the extra cash is going to come from. I love the idea of this forum - it has huge potential so many thanks for bringing it to the party!!!
  7. breakevenpt

    Bankroll management

    Hey everyone, I have what is a simple question but what could end up being a complex answer. I am in the fortunate / unfortunate position of having 3 bookies with what are now large sums of money in the accounts. I have been trying to lose from them with small arbs and seemingly winning a lot instead. we are talking between £400 to £700 in each and it is now making me a bit uneasy. So why don't I just hit the withdraw button - Well I did that with Sky and got gubbed within a couple of hours. I am in a catch 22 here so do I just withdraw huge chunks or hit withdraw every day or so? Tom, what are your thoughts? Thanks peeps.
  8. breakevenpt

    Gubbed Thread

    They got me - they sent an invite and before I had logged in to look at the offer I was gubbed. Weird but true. I love the idea of this forum. there are not many places I feel I can trust for information.... Keep it it.