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  1. Tom Portlock

    Betting Exchange.

    It won't have a direct effect now. However it's a good thing as the exchange knows that both outcomes can't happen and so will "share" your liability. This basically means it will work out the worst case scenario, and only require you to have that much liability in your account.
  2. Tom Portlock

    How Would this offer work?

    Firstly you'll need to bet 5 x £10 to unlock the token as NORMAL bets. Then when you're credited the token, find something high odds like you do with a free bet, add it to the betslip, click the token, and it'll give you new odds. Then put that in the calculator in NORMAL mode, put the lay odds in, and it'll show a profit. Then just back and lay
  3. Tom Portlock

    Tennis Open Australia

    Coral offer is very good! Was the Tonybet offer invite only as I wasn't aware they were running anything? ;o
  4. Tom Portlock

    Gubbed Thread

    1 - Exchanged don't gub so you're fine doing matches between 2 exchanges. There has been hear say that they'll remove you from 0% commission promos but it's a load of rubbish 2 - Inplay I personally think you're ok arbing on sports that are volatile. This comes with risk though as odds move very quickly, and also im not 100% sure. Also, if a football game was at half time then it's technically inplay but if you did a massive arb they'd be able to monitor it. And the first question: the most common reason is for taking too much value. Arbs, free bets, promotions etc. They're not stupid and they can see. You just have to mix it up a bit
  5. Tom Portlock

    Big Slot Wins Share thread

    Wow that's impressive!
  6. Tom Portlock

    Semi new.

    No worries! It's honestly really easy. I can't reiterate how good price boosts are. Definitely get a subscription and sign up to pushbullet. You won't regret it and you'll easily make £300+ a month from them alone
  7. Tom Portlock

    Semi new.

    Morning I think £500 a month is a realistic target for anyone who wants to pursue matched betting whilst holding down a full time job or a family. You can probably spend an hour a day or roughly 5 hours a week and achieve this easily. For a float, you could make around £500 a month with a starting bank of about £1000 I'd say. There are plenty of different offers, and if you've finished most of the sign ups then I'd recommend firstly looking into price boosts here. Definitely consider getting an Oddsmonkey Subscription as they have an offer calendar. It will list all of the profitable offers daily, which will help you save a lot of time and filter our the rubbish that you don't need. And also ask as many questions as you want in the Facebook group. It's a wealth of knowledge and can be very profitable!
  8. Tom Portlock

    William Hill Super Odds Error.

    Sorry late to the party! If it's split into 2 bets you could always do 2 different sums in the calculator.
  9. Tom Portlock

    Beginners horse racing example

    Yep it works exactly the same. You would simply back a horse, and lay the same horse I would try to stick to football though for 2 reasons: 1) Horse racing can indeed be volatile and the odds can go up and down causing a massive headache 2) Football is high profile (yes horse racing sort of is, but bookies know that people are using horses for matched betting)
  10. Tom Portlock

    Gubbed Thread

    6 hours, crikey!
  11. Tom Portlock


    Hi @Anelise Apologies for the late reply. I can see exactly what you have done wrong here. You have backed one team, and layed the other. This is wrong, because with Matched Betting you need to back and lay the same team. So in your example, the free bet was placed on Hull to win. This means you need to lay hull in order to cover all outcomes. That way, there's only 2 outcomes. Outcome 1: They win - your bet wins on 888 and loses on betfair. Money ends up in 888 Outcome 2: They lose/draw - your bet loses on 888, but wins on betfair as you bet against them. Money ends up in betfair. The golden rule that you need to remember: Whatever you BACK on the bookie, you LAY THE SAME THING on the exchange. Hope this helps, feel free to drop me a message if you need a little more explaining
  12. Tom Portlock

    pickled brain !!!!!

    Sorry for the late reply Martin - did you resolve this issue? In future, when theres a problem such as this then it's always best to cash out and learn the lesson. No matter what the loss, it's best to get some money back rather than risk the whole lot as we don't gamble. Hope you sorted it.
  13. Tom Portlock

    Big Slot Wins Share thread

    Some great wins posted in here!
  14. Tom Portlock

    Smarkets signup offer - help please

    Hey @Hermann You've understood that exactly right The guaranteed profit method works just like that, and is far better than just betting and hoping, as you might take a 50p loss as in your example and actually not end up getting a free bet. Using the Oddsmonkey Risk Free Equal Profit calculator will also make sure the profit is the same either way. So rather than having £9.30 or £5.70, it will adjust your lay stake so that you have a guaranteed £7.50 for example, no matter whether it wins or loses. Hope this helps, but it seems you've got it
  15. Tom Portlock

    Bet X Get Y Offers - ask anything!

    Hey @apuccioni Apologies for the super late reply! This is indeed a reload offer and is definitely worth doing. It's pretty much the same as the sign up. Place £10 as normal, and use the free bets as Free Bet SNR. 1/5 odds in decimal form are 1.2+ To calculate decimal odds, it's top divide bottom, +1. So 1 / 5 = 0.2, then add 1 If the odds were say 2/1, then it'd be 2 divide 1 = 2, +1 = 3.0. Hope this helps