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  1. Chris Harvey

    The world outside of matched betting

    I've always been a bit scared of the water rides where you go down a tube, so I think I'd be pretty terrible at crawling through the ducting Great to hear @BWFC1988 that matched betting is helping you to make a few extra quid keep smashing up those bookies!!
  2. Chris Harvey

    Big Slot Wins Share thread

    very nice @Oliver Kennedy-Harris turning 20 free spins into 75p then into £44 take that Dunder!!
  3. thanks Tom Fred's been in a festive mood recently some nice offers on Betfred
  4. Nice evening for offers, always a fan of Champions League nights, should be a good game to watch too Barcalona vs Tottenham
  5. Chris Harvey

    Question? Ask anything you want here!!

    Ah apologies for this @ROBM, usually the terms will state a min and max stake per spin. For example, if the terms say min stake 20p, max stake £2, then you could do any spin amount between these. If you choose 20p, then the risk is reduced, because you will now be doing 50 spins of 20p. The likelihood is you'll get at least say 20 reds, so you'd end out returning £8.00 (being 20 reds x the 40p you get back each time it lands on red). So overall, your down only £2 whilst you get the £5 free bet. On average though, you'd be down 30p, because the return to player on roulette is 97%, so for wagering £10 you will on average get £9.70 back. If you choose £2, then the risk is much higher, you could get very unlucky and all 5 spins land on black, meaning you've lost your full £10. So overall, it's a trade off between risk and time. If you're willing to take the risk, then you could do 5 x £2, to save time. However, if you'd prefer, you could do 50 x 20p spins, to minimise any potential loss. Either way the average loss on both approaches is 30p. If I were to do £2 spins, I'd want at least £500+ in my bankroll, this would be so if I did keep doing these offers and keep getting unlucky, I'd be okay with a downswing of £100 to £200. If I only had say £100, then I'd definitely be doing the lowest possible spin amount, to keep the risk as low as possible. Hope this helps and any questions with this please do shout cheers!
  6. Hey @spBookieII! Hope you're enjoying the Aussie summer much nicer than the UK winter!! For soccer when a draw happens, here is an example that hopefully helps: £10 back bet on Man Utd to win on Bet365 £10 lay bet on Man Utd not to win on Betfair Exchange So if it is a draw, you lose your £10 back bet on Bet365. However, you win your £10 lay bet on Betfair Exchange, this is because the lay bet is betting on Man Utd not to win which includes the draw! Hope this helps and any questions with this please do add a comment cheers!
  7. Chris Harvey

    Question? Ask anything you want here!!

    Apologies for the delay in replying @William, how have you been getting on so far? If you need any help please do let me know, if you haven't yet started I'd definitely recommend to continue watching the Video Guides https://teamprofit.com/matched-betting-guide Once you've watched the video guide, you can choose one of the week by week plans here: https://www.teamprofit.com/which-plan-should-i-follow Any questions please do post cheers! Tricky one I think @Lorelei! I'd say it is pretty obscure given very few UK customers will be betting on it, though maybe some bookies may think you're more of a mug customer as you're betting on a sport that's uncommon. If it's one of your more valuable accounts like Bet365, then I'd give it a miss, if it's for an offer on a smaller bookie, then I'd give it a go! Hey @ROBM! Sure yep so for roulette, it's completely random, so you simply place bets on say red or black. Once you reach the wagering requirement, then you'll receive the free bet/bonus/cash. So if it was Wager £10 on roulette and get a £5 free bet, then you could do say 10 x £1 bets on red. You could get unlucky and lose most of your £1 bets on red, but over the long term it will be profitable. I'd recommend checking out this guide: https://www.teamprofit.com/how-to-play-casino-games and also this guide: https://www.teamprofit.com/low-high-risk-casino-offers Hope this helps and any questions please do add a comment thanks!
  8. Chris Harvey

    The world outside of matched betting

    Thanks for posting this @Lorelei definitely will be interesting Which industry are you thinking of moving into out of interest? Hopefully there'll be a fellow member in that career who can help! Very nice Azad I find restaurants very interesting, if you can build up a good reputation it seems like restaurants can go very well and hopefully matched betting can help contribute towards saving up your £100k goal. I spend Mon-Fri working on the team profit website and then do a bit of matched betting (either during work hours or in the evenings or weekends) and enjoy playing golf, catching up with family/friends, fantasy football and my new interest I'm looking to focus on is cooking, I love food but my dishes are very limited at the moment
  9. Chris Harvey

    How was your matched betting day?

    Very nice Man City won so a tidy £78.10 profit straight into the exchange ch-ching!! Only downside was they conceded and I have Walker in my fantasy football team
  10. Chris Harvey

    Fantasy Football

    Team Proft League: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/a/leagues/standings/123976/classic Post to discuss Fantasy Football! Reminder this week's deadline is 6.45pm, some tasty fixtures with: - Liverpool away at Burnley - Man City away at Watford - Spurs home to Southampton Will Aguero return? Will Kane smash them in against Southampton? Who will be rested by Klopp? Decisions decisions! Here is Chocolate Donuts FC: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/a/team/3172430 (currently 200k position, aiming for top 100k by end of season!) I have 2 free transfers this week, need to decide what to do hmmmm!
  11. Chris Harvey

    Premier League Predictions

    I'm the same with the Top 4 Man City look insanely good and Liverpool's attack combined with Alexander-Arnold and Robertson is pretty sick too. Chelsea and Arsenal both looking good though hard to rule out Tottenham, expect it'll go down to the last day of the season! For relegation, so long as Palace don't get relegated I'll be happy
  12. Chris Harvey

    Apps to help with MB

    Good tip too I usually can be seen refreshing Fast Results like mad in the minutes after a race has finished to see if my horse came 2nd (or the place to trigger the free bet ) Here is the link: https://www.sportinglife.com/racing/fast-results
  13. Chris Harvey

    Apps to help with MB

    Good tip thanks @Natalie for suggesting FlashScores for 14up also, I use FlashScores for 2up and it's a very nice app I find, easy to save your matches then pray each time a notification comes in Also to add in case anyone hasn't downloaded the free TP calculator app or TP website app, either search team profit in the app store or: Website Play store (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.team.profit&hl=en_US Website App store (iOS): https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/team-profit-matched-betting/id1410176697?mt=8 Calculator Play store (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamprofit.calculator Calculator App store (iOS): https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/matched-betting-calculator-tp/id1384282391?mt=8 Any questions with these apps please do reply cheers!
  14. Chris Harvey

    How was your matched betting day?

    very nice £29.95 with your first DDHH coming in! Aubamayeng is on fire at the moment (though much to my fantasy football regret of having Aguero instead ) so a good choice if you can get close odds. Just to mention for anyone new to DDHH, here is a guide on this offer from Betfred: https://www.teamprofit.com/betfred-ddhh quite the spill from Pickford! Watched it yesterday must have been a tricky dressing room for Pickford afterwards being the Merseyside derby, he'll always be a legend for me though after this save: The modern day Hand of God!! Enjoy smashing up the Bet365 welcome offer any questions with it please do shout cheers!
  15. Chris Harvey

    Success Stories!

    @Gubstep Remix that's fantastic to have made £3k profit so far and am sure plenty more to come too! Sounds good too now you've got a full time job whilst continuing to profit in your spare time, hopefully a very tidy combo @Ste crompton nice that you're back in work if it helps I tend to find I have some usual mb-ing time each week, so either Friday evenings or Saturday mornings are great for the football offers for the weekend ahead (I prefer Saturday mornings as you tend to get some nice price boosts during this time too), plus then the a couple of midweek evenings, especially when the Champions League is running as some nice offers on these usually too @Cman great approach to aim for initially £15 a day then £25 a day, as you mention this is £420 in a month tax free which is around £5k a year tax free, very tidy for making a relatively small amount each day, and some days or weeks there'll be plenty more to make such as the big Premier League, Champions League or racing festivals like Cheltenham, so these can make up for any quieter midweek days.