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  1. Jeremy Law


    Hi Bob, I'm not too sure, best thing is to hop on live chat and ask as they should be able to tell you straight away! Cheers, Jeremy
  2. Jeremy Law

    LVBET Welcome Offer

    Hi, Unfortunately not. Their sports offer isn't very good quality as the wagering is very high. I would give it a miss personally as it's not really worth the time! Cheers
  3. Jeremy Law

    Gubbed Thread

    Their Sportsbook and their exchange probably don't communicate very well and it might be harder than you'd think to spot the difference between someone trading, a punter and a matched better by looking at the lays
  4. Jeremy Law

    TP Ebook

    Hi Lynn, What's your email address? I can send it over now
  5. Jeremy Law

    Football Draws

    You place what's called a lay bet which is betting against something. So if we back Arsenal to win on a bookmaker then we would lay Arsenal to win on an exchange. The lay bet means that if Arsenal lose or draw then we win that bet
  6. Jeremy Law

    What just happened?

    Hi Neil, You can't cancel any money that has already matched so I'm guessing that last £10 got matched last second without you realising so you got away with it! Just make sure you're not betting too close to horse races as the odds will jump around a lot
  7. Jeremy Law


    Hi Neil, The bookies have software to check if the lay odds have gone below their odds and if they can see people betting on their odds during that time then the chances are that they'll restrict and/or gub you if you're doing it several times in a short period. A punter is unlikely to arb very often at all as generally bookies make sure that their odds are lower than the exchange most of the time. Just fyi, price boosts are different as they are often intentionally higher than the exchange odds so these are fine to make profit from!
  8. Jeremy Law

    0% Commission offers

    Hi, With Betfair you should get a refund as a free bet after the month is up so wait another week and if it still hasn't come through then let me know. As for Oddsmonkey you need to link it on the Oddsmonkey dashboard and then place a lay bet afterwards to activate 0%. Let me know how you get on!
  9. Jeremy Law

    Withdraw Cash Advice

    Hi! Really sorry for the late reply. So generally the best thing to do is separate everything and only withdraw when you need to. Having a bit of money in an account makes you more likely to receive reload offers but this is something you shouldn't worry about too much if you're working through the welcome offers. Get a separate email and a separate bank account and set yourself an amount to put in from the start, say £100. Then keep track of where the money goes. Obviously if your bets win into the bookie then you should withdraw so you can do other offers. Hopefully that helps
  10. Jeremy Law

    Partner friendly

    Hi Jon, Generally the rule is that the vast majority of sites are partner friendly but there's only a few that allow both partners to do the sign up offer. Here's a list of partner friendly sites that I've been able to throw together from what people have previously said in our FB group. Betfair (welcome offer can be done by both partners) Sky (welcome offer can be done by both partners) Bwin Netbet Genting 10bet BetVictor Ladbrokes William Hill Bet365 Betstars Grosvenor Betway Betstars PaddyPower Coral Betfred 888Sport Royal Panda LeoVegas
  11. Jeremy Law

    Not enough funds in betfair

    Hi, sorry for the slightly late reply!! I don't know if the bets have already settled in which case you might have lost out. If not, then you could sign up to a different exchange such as Smarkets or Matchbook and lay the remaining amount on their exchange. I presume it's already too late so again, sorry for the late reply!!
  12. Jeremy Law

    Something I don't understand yet.

    I think so, just keep doing trigger bets using the normal bet type on the calculator and you should be fine!
  13. It's around £600 for the main ones, which we have on our website. However there are a lot more bookies out there, most of which you can find guides for on oddsmonkey, so overall you're looking at around £1000!
  14. Jeremy Law

    Something I don't understand yet.

    On the middle right of the screen, does it say that you have to bet another 400 euros? yes it seems like you need to bet the rest on your balance using the calculator in normal mode until you either lose your entire balance into the exchange or you wager another 400 euros