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  1. BobbyC

    The Wife

    I'm getting the wife (AKA Claire ) into doing welcome offers, what obstacles am i going to hit regarding same address, ip address etc, anybody else done this and will it work? Cheers
  2. BobbyC


    Morning, Ive been a member of pokerstars for years, as this site is part of that franchise will i still be able to get the free bets, has anyone had problems? Cheers Bob
  3. BobbyC


    I joined bet £10 get £30 in free bets, different to you're spreadsheet, manual alterations i think, is this ok.........
  4. BobbyC

    Not my week

    Lasting 3 years is good? I've just started and am doing little mug bets, sacrificing 50p each time, not sure if this is right.
  5. BobbyC

    Ladbrokes On Spreadsheet

    I ended up doing it manually
  6. BobbyC

    Ladbrokes On Spreadsheet

    Then I messed it up
  7. BobbyC

    Ladbrokes On Spreadsheet

    No worries, I redid the spreadsheet with a little copy/paste.
  8. BobbyC

    Ladbrokes On Spreadsheet

    Hey Tom, I'm doing the moplay welcome offer, spreadsheet says £30 free bet but you have to do 2 x £15 bets, any chance of updating the spreadsheet as my odds are different on both bets? Bob
  9. BobbyC

    Ladbrokes On Spreadsheet

    Thanks Tom
  10. BobbyC

    Ladbrokes On Spreadsheet

    Hi, I'm a newbie, completed my 3rd Welcome Offer on Ladbrokes, noticed it's in blue not red on the spreadsheet (no problem lol), but it says trigger bet is £10, it was £5 when i did it, do i change this manually on the spreadsheet? Cheers, good work. Bob