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  1. Taylor Joe

    Question? Ask anything you want here!!

    oh, wasn't thinking it through, solved it now
  2. Taylor Joe


    best odds guaranteed? sounds like a horse a few people got on yesterday. Starting price of 7 or so, paid out at 14 or something like that
  3. Taylor Joe

    How do you decide on a casino slot to play?

    I think slots catalogue has a lot of info. I generally stick to the same ones if possible- Big Bad Wolf, Bloodsuckers, Dragon's Luck. I'll use Gonzo's Quest if I have to. I don't really like the high variance ones. I never pay any attention to the paylines. Just use the max. If you have a lot of wagering to do, you could try a few different slots. That's how I learned about a some of the slots, wagering a few thousand on 888casino. I did some on Gonzo, some on Big Bad Wolf, some on Bloodsuckers, a bit on Decco Diamonds, Egg-o-matic and Jumanji. You find out which ones you like.
  4. Taylor Joe

    Preferred Exchange?

    Used betfair when it was 0%. Then switched to smarkets, 0%. After that deal runs out, I'll probably use Betdaq if it's still 0%. Then when that runs out I'll see what deals Matchbook has to offer.
  5. Taylor Joe

    Matched Betting Goals For 2019

    Long term my goal is to pay off a loan- I should be able to do that in 2019. Short term, I want to raise my stakes, and I want to expand my range. I've learned a lot of theory but not put it into practice yet.
  6. Taylor Joe

    £400 Xmas Giveaway - 4th (final) Prize Draw

    cool, nice to get a win! I will spend it on a book of betting strategies
  7. Taylor Joe

    The world outside of matched betting

    Ah, go on! I watched a programme about people clearing fatbergs from the sewer, I can take it!
  8. Taylor Joe

    How was your matched betting day?

    that's great! I've never won anything on that (yet) edit- It was £1 million during the world cup, and there were 20 questions. I think if you split 50/50 every time you'd end up with about 70p!
  9. Taylor Joe

    Gubbed Thread

    I lost Coral yesterday too. First gubbing. Maybe they're having a clear out
  10. Taylor Joe

    The world outside of matched betting

    I used to clean the outside of the vents, and the stainless steel filters when I was a kitchen porter. It's amazing how greasy they get, absolutely horrible. I imagine that inside it's like just layers of black sludge...
  11. Taylor Joe

    How was your matched betting day?

    Got my first gubbing, Coral... on the plus side, a few days ago I hit the bonus round three times in three spins on Big Bad Wolf. I thought that was pretty lucky, but today I hit the bonus round three times on one spin! Becoming immune to big wins- I win £150 and think, 'oh that's nice'. In my daily life I'm still very frugal.
  12. Taylor Joe

    Tip - Welcome offers to avoid

    It was extra tricky because I didn't know the international break was coming! Ended up betting a lot of it on darts.
  13. Taylor Joe

    Question? Ask anything you want here!!

    I haven't, but I'll give it a go... seems almost too good to be true if I can use it all over again!
  14. Taylor Joe

    Tip - Welcome offers to avoid

    yep, that's the deal! They release the bonus as a prize at the end of wagering, and then you have to wager it 1 time. Unlucky for me, 'cos I kept losing, heheh!