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  1. £29.95

    The world outside of matched betting

    Ah, go on! I watched a programme about people clearing fatbergs from the sewer, I can take it!
  2. £29.95

    How was your matched betting day?

    that's great! I've never won anything on that (yet) edit- It was £1 million during the world cup, and there were 20 questions. I think if you split 50/50 every time you'd end up with about 70p!
  3. £29.95

    Gubbed Thread

    I lost Coral yesterday too. First gubbing. Maybe they're having a clear out
  4. £29.95

    The world outside of matched betting

    I used to clean the outside of the vents, and the stainless steel filters when I was a kitchen porter. It's amazing how greasy they get, absolutely horrible. I imagine that inside it's like just layers of black sludge...
  5. £29.95

    How was your matched betting day?

    Got my first gubbing, Coral... on the plus side, a few days ago I hit the bonus round three times in three spins on Big Bad Wolf. I thought that was pretty lucky, but today I hit the bonus round three times on one spin! Becoming immune to big wins- I win £150 and think, 'oh that's nice'. In my daily life I'm still very frugal.
  6. £29.95

    Tip - Welcome offers to avoid

    It was extra tricky because I didn't know the international break was coming! Ended up betting a lot of it on darts.
  7. £29.95

    Question? Ask anything you want here!!

    I haven't, but I'll give it a go... seems almost too good to be true if I can use it all over again!
  8. £29.95

    Tip - Welcome offers to avoid

    yep, that's the deal! They release the bonus as a prize at the end of wagering, and then you have to wager it 1 time. Unlucky for me, 'cos I kept losing, heheh!
  9. £29.95

    Question? Ask anything you want here!!

    Hi, I’ve done the netbet second deposit offer. Deposited £50, got 100% matched bonus (sticky, as I’m sure you know). Won a few hundred, withdrew winnings. Now the bonus is just sitting there. What do I do- try to wager with it again, cancel it, or just ignore it?
  10. £29.95

    The world outside of matched betting

    That sounds fantastic! I can only say 'go for it' really. I've loved the bits and bobs of travel that I've done. What I love at the moment, I go to Tenerife once or twice a year, and camp on a cliff top near the beach. It's technically illegal to camp out, but as long as you stay out of the way, away from the tourist beaches, the police aren't bothered. I just love camping out away from the towns, the stars above me, the sound of the waves. Walk to the nearest town and pick up a few bits of fruit for breakfast. Wake with the sun and go to sleep with the moon...
  11. £29.95

    Loose change in bookies

    I think you're referring to the paddypower live casino mass gubbing? That was an odd event, and nothing to worry about. I don't know what their plan was there! You don't need to gamble small amounts of money to keep your casino accounts open. You're much less likely to be gubbed by a casino than a sportsbook, and they don't expect you to keep betting to keep the account open. Personally, I'd just leave the money in there until the next time you deposit, unless you plan on never using that site again.
  12. I use halifax- at some point I'd like to move over to tesco as I think you can get interest paid avoid co-op for mb
  13. My advice- always check your stake on slots. It's easy to get mixed up between the COIN size and the BET size. I think it's a sneaky trick by the casinos to be honest. The default coin size is sometimes x2, sometimes x10. More than once I've bet ten times what I meant to. A £10 losing spin is pretty painful! Three in a row before you realise is horrible. Also, learn what makes you tilt (start gambling to win back losses) and be aware of it. It's an easy thing to do on slots. Long-term, it's a losing strategy.
  14. £29.95

    £400 Xmas Giveaway - 2nd Prize Draw

    What's the EV of this offer?