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  1. Murco

    Gubbed Thread

    HI All I've had a few gubbings and would like to setup another account within the same household for a previously gubbed account. I will of course use someone else's name and a different bank card. Although on t's & c's it says you should not do this I do know people who have done this without issue. I was wondering if there are specific companies who will prevent this? Also moving location and setting up an account with the same name (diffrent bank card) using a previously gubbed account whether this is an issue? Thanks for your help.
  2. Murco

    Betstars - Customer support

    Hi Bullymonster, My free bet has now come through which included free spins, this was over the 48 hours settlement. If Brazil win their next match I should get another free bet, we wait and see if this arrives on time. I didn't receive any communication from their customer support.
  3. Murco

    Betstars - Customer support

    Hi All I was wondering if anyone else has had issues with Betstars customer support. They owe me a free bet so I have been trying to contact customer support. I have sent 4 emails but have had no replies! Has anyone else managed to contact their customer support? Many thanks.
  4. Murco

    Gubbed Thread

    Hi - I was just wondering whether you have heard of anyone who has been gubbed after sometime having these restrictions lifted? Also contacting customer support has that ever made any difference having restrictions lifted? Many thanks, Ray
  5. Murco

    Betting abroad

    Hi All, Thanks for your replies. Ray
  6. Murco

    Free bets

    Hi Select your balance amount and you will then see a free bets/bonuses drop down.
  7. Murco

    Betting abroad

    Hi All, I'm going on holiday soon to France. I just wanted to check whether it's possible to place bets using your mobile abroad? Many thanks, Ray
  8. Murco

    Get a £5 free bet with your acca

    Hi, Thank you very much for your reply. Smarkets will be the next one for me to sign up to. Ray
  9. This is to do with Club ProMo bet at least £10 on a football acca with 3 or more selections. I'm unsure as to the best approach here with regard laying this off, any advice really appreciated Cheers Ray