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  1. Hahaha awesome just gotta make sure you never tell bookmaker's support team that you are arbing them. In betting context, matched betting is not the same as arbing (more info here, https://www.teamprofit.com/what-is-arbing).
  2. Dan Sanderson

    Bet X Get Y Offers - ask anything!

    Beautiful - the bookmakers must be feeling extra generous over Christmas
  3. Dan Sanderson

    Team Profit Website

    Do you have the option to "split" a post when you click on the options drop down on a post? As that should allow for it, not sure if it's admins only though.
  4. FORUM GIVEAWAY WINNERS (WEEK 1) Thank you to everyone who took part in our first forum giveaway by contributing to the discussion in the "Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself " thread. The names were all put into a prize draw and we had 13 separate winners. Winners are listed alongside their Amazon voucher prize below. Don't worry if you missed out as there are another 3 chances to get involved in the coming weeks (next one starts today). The lucky winners are: £25 @luckylucky53 £10 @Kirt £10 @Betty22 £10 @Claire Hydon £5 @AndreiPala £5 @Nikki £5 @flyinjam £5 @captainfantastic365 £5 @Ricardo £5 @Teresa £5 @breakevenpt £5 @matthewcdownes £5 @Killer Congratulations to all winners - we will be in touch via email to arrange the prizes To enter the week 2 £100 giveaway, get involved with the next topic for discussion, found here. Thanks and good luck!
  5. Dan Sanderson

    Learning to use Oddsmonkey

    We put together a "checklist" a few months back for making the most of your OM subscription, hopefully it helps - https://www.teamprofit.com/oddsmonkey-checklist
  6. Dan Sanderson

    Post your Matched Betting set ups!

    How wide is your monitor out of interest? I want one
  7. Dan Sanderson

    Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself!

    Hi ALZ! How did your first matched bet pan out in the end? It was in fact a draw, but if done correctly the draw is covered by the lay bet - your lay bet on West Brom is betting that they DON'T win (i.e they draw or lose).
  8. Dan Sanderson

    Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself!

    Hey Troy! Great to hear the mug has arrived and you're welcome - we've gone for a new design which I haven't seen in the flesh yet, any chance of a pic?
  9. Dan Sanderson

    Team Profit Website

    Hey Ted there is no way a bookmaker could find out associated email addresses with Team Profit. If you would like to change your account's email address please do email us at help@teamprofit.com and we'll get it changed for you right away!
  10. Never had any issues Corinne with only MB transactions - the only thing to be wary of is if you're planning on applying for a mortgage, then banks don't like betting transactions. If this is the case it's advisable to open a separate MB bank account.
  11. Dan Sanderson

    Mega Guide - Football Offers

    Tricky to say Lucy as there is no definitive answer. All I will say is that one would assume that the more you do on any one day/event, the more likely you are to have your account restricted/gubbed by Bet365 as you are taking more value. I personally do fewer matches and higher stakes, instead of more matches at lower stakes. It increases the variance, but I personally believe (hope) it is less of a flag for bonus abuse.
  12. Dan Sanderson

    ComeOn! Login issues

    Hey Erika! I can log in without a problem, I think your best bet whilst waiting for their response is to check your emails/spam and look for any sort of "verification required" etc email from them in recent weeks.
  13. Dan Sanderson

    Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself!

    Welcome!! I should probably also introduce myself; I'm Dan and help run Team Profit (mainly from behind the scenes) which we set up nearly 3 years ago now - gulp! I'm easy going and like long walks in the park I've been matched betting for almost 5 and miraculously still have some non-gubbed accounts.
  14. Hello and a very warm welcome to the Team Profit forum Our aim for this forum, much like the rest of the Team Profit site, is for it to be a helpful, friendly, fun and most importantly super profitable place to be! If you're new to the forum, please do take a moment to introduce yourself below and say a quick hello