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    Accept here and now 1. You're going to balls something up at some point. Probably you're going to balls multiple things up multiple times. It happens. And yes, it hurts. But it doesn't mean you're dumb or that matched betting is pants - when you're dealing with multiple sites with fast moving data stuff happens. Figure out what you've done, if you can, and move forward. Your time is better spent looking for your next opportunity than beating yourself up. 2. You are never going to be able to balance your spreadsheets to the penny. When i started out I must have used 4 different spreadsheets, double checked every entry and I was still pennies out. And it would drive me MENTAL. I'd re-input all the data trying to make it all nice and neat. The thing is rounding etc can throw your figures off. You have to weigh up if the time spent chasing those pennies down is better spent somewhere else. 2b. Also, there is no one perfect spreadsheet - what's perfect for you isn't for someone else. When you try to put a million auto calculations into a spreadsheet you introduce more opportunity for it to go wrong when there are variables (like an exchange offering different % on different sports, weird offers etc). 3. You're gonna get gubbed. No matter what you do - and at first it hurts. Some hurt more than others. But you move with it, diversify, find your niche. You might have to put a bit more effort into it but the money is out there. 4. EV works - as stated above. It really, really REALLY does work itself out over time. You ARE going to have offers where you lose everything and you'll probably think their auto blackjack is 'fixed', that they've 'fixed' a particular slot to not pay out at EV. Turn the music off, set the auto spin running and try not to get emotionally invested in the offer. I make a note of starting balance, end balance and move on. So it just becomes numbers. When you're sat there watching every spin it can get a bit emotional and before you know it you're having 'just one more spin' trying to make back some losses and what's that? Repeat after me....That's gaaaambliiiiing, Missus Niiiiixxxoooonnnnn. And what do we not do, class? That's right, we don't gamble. 5. You're going to get a bit evangelical about it. After all, s'free money init! And I can guaran-flippin-tee you that 99 out of 100 people you tell will not get it. Even if you show them your spreadsheet showing all the lovely money you have made. They are going to say they haven't got time or it's gambling or bookies don't give money away, there has to be a catch. Or they just can't be arsed. Now, as you're a bit evangelical this will batter your head. But really, leave them to it. More lovely, lovely cash for the rest of us, eh? 6. You're going to need a break every now and then. That's ok. The world isn't going to end because you miss some offers. There will be plenty more along in a while. 7. Oh and yes you bloody do need to pay for Oddsmonkey. It's a total no brainer. Now, don't argue with me, just sign up. Have fun, learn everything you can, learn to use the search function and make lots of money!
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    FORUM GIVEAWAY WINNERS (WEEK 4) Thank you to everyone who took part in our forum giveaway! All of the final winners from week 4 have been drawn now! The lucky winners are: £25 @breakevenpt £10 @E21Hanna £10 @cfleask £10 @£29.95 £5 @RubelByrne £5 @Gra £5 @georgiah £5 @Nikki £5 @Jo-Anne £5 @shake213 £5 @comah £5 @Siany £5 @Ellie Congratulations to all winners - we will be in touch via email to arrange the prizes Thanks again for everyone who entered!
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    @ALZ I did that one on 7 Feb, I deposited £25, I place on single bet of £25 odd 2.0+, I got then the FB of £25 I used it. As I lost above both bets. money in exchange. I deposited on 12 Feb £10, I did a Toteplacepot to be honest was first time, I lost and then they refund me my £10 as cash not a free bet. you can withdraw if you want after that. Hope that help
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    No screenshot but on my last spin with MFortune before running out of money in my account I won £140 off a 40p spin
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    FORUM GIVEAWAY WINNERS (WEEK 4) Thank you to everyone who took part in our forum giveaway! All of the final winners from week 4 have been drawn now! The lucky winners are: £25 @breakevenpt £10 @E21Hanna £10 @cfleask £10 @£29.95 £5 @RubelByrne £5 @Gra £5 @georgiah £5 @Nikki £5 @Jo-Anne £5 @shake213 £5 @comah £5 @Siany £5 @Ellie Congratulations to all winners - we will be in touch via email to arrange the prizes Thanks again for everyone who entered!
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    What are your main goals for 2019 with Matched Betting? Perhaps it's to finally finish those sign ups you've been putting off? Or to get stuck into the reload offers and make a consistent profit each money? Maybe your goal is to actually start?! Whatever it is, we'd love to hear. Please share your goals below! My goal: Start using some of my "dormant" accounts more. Bookies such as 10bet, Leovegas, 138 etc... I rarely log into them when they do occasionally have very good offers. I'm going to start mugging them more and try to trigger some decent reloads!
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    Not to get gubbed by anyone else! (haha, that one won't last long!) To be more consistent doing 2up, and to start doing more horsey things (extra places, each way no lay etc).
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    My main goal for 2019 with Matched Betting is to make a consistent profit each month. I would like to earn over £1,000 each month and did this last month. I haven't done very well this month so hope 2019 will bring more profitable months!
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    Old one from me a few years back - had 5 free spins and won about 4 quid that had to be wagered 35x. First spin in wagering and this
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    £50 inplay offer available
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    Just follow the guide week by week ( all explanations are given in the links below ) by choosing the amount you want to start : £10 or £25 or £100. https://www.teamprofit.com/starting-with-10 https://www.teamprofit.com/starting-with-25 https://www.teamprofit.com/starting-with-100
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    You won't get your stake money of £30 back. (SNR - Stake Not Returned). So £174 minus stake of £30 = £144
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    Usually I place the 3 bets on same selection and at the end it is like a £6 back bet, you can reuse the bet slip in Coral
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    Hey Leah So basically you have layed a bit more than you were meant to. You can use the Unwanted Lay calculator on Oddsmonkey to help you do this. Alternatively, just back a few pounds at 8.5 on Quinbet again will sort it out
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    I’m sold! Didnt even look at price boosts last time I started MB. Think I’ll stick around, get as much info as possible while I sort out some starting cash, bank account etc. Thanks
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    I use Barclays, not had a problem in over 2 years.
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    Service engineer working on the road fixing stuff, if I ever workout sharbing it will be handy as I'm all over the place with work.
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    I received a £20 FB on a casino last month. I hadn’t tried casinos before but thought I would give it a go. It won £800, didn’t think I would be able to withdraw it but clicked withdraw and it seemed to accept it and a couple of days later it was in my account.
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    Yes Tom I placed a back bet at Smarkets after checking Bet 365 had paid into my account. Thanks for replying.
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    Not the most massive win but good enough for me to end the year. Got sent an offer for Betfred Notradamus bet 10 get 5 spins on mobile. Didn’t even bother to continue for free spins once this came through. My first month completed of Match betting and ended on £880, I’m happy New to this forum.... wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
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    Hi everyone - for me my goals for 2019 are to finish off the sign up offers and find the strength / bravery to start doing the casino offers. I see other peoples stories on here and to me you are all brave for doing what you do. I think this goal will allow me to attain my second goal of reaching £10000 per year which seems a lot when you say it like that but it's only £200 per week! Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone.
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    Going to earn as much as much possible from reload offers.
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    To have at least one account left
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    It varies, but I think how long they take to come through mainly depends on the bookie. Starling is instant for inter-bank transfers, at least. I also like the fact that it gives you a wee push notification saying (for instance) "You recevied £15 from William Hill".
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    Don't let FOMO ruin matched betting for you, you can't do every offer under the sun so just do a manageable amount and if you need to take a break for as long as you need!