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    Probably best to avoid bets on French Football this week: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46476291
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    £400 Xmas Giveaway! To celebrate the launch of our new forum, we’re giving away £100 in Amazon vouchers every week in the lead up to Christmas! Why have we made a forum? Some of you may be wondering why we’re making a forum when we have the Team Profit Facebook Group. We don’t want the forum to replace the group, but we do want to provide an alternative for those without Facebook and those who prefer the layout of a forum! Whereas Facebook has it’s classic news-feed style, the forum is much more spread out and allows people to look for the content that they want to view by looking in a specific area. The forum has dedicated threads on everything matched betting related such as daily profits, reload guides and a social section. The forum allows you to sign up using your Facebook account or by using an email and creating a password. SIGN UP HERE Once signed up simply browse through our different threads, create new threads or comment on existing threads! The Giveaway We’ll be giving out £100 in Amazon vouchers to users who sign up and contribute to specific discussions. To enter, simply leave a comment (longer than a few words) on that week's topic. Winners will then be drawn at random to receive a prize: this week's topic is "To be revealed: Top Tips - "My top tip for a beginner is..."". How to Enter Each Week Click below to comment on the current week's thread. Week 1 (29 Nov - 5 Dec): Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself :) Finished Week 2 (6 Dec - 12 Dec): To be revealed: Top Tips - "My top tip for a beginner is..." Week 3 (13 Dec - 19 Dec): To be revealed Week 4 (20 Dec - 26 Dec): To be revealed What you can win The amazon vouchers will be split up so that more people have a chance to win The £100 will be split up like so 1 x £25, £10 x 3, £5 x 9, so we will have 13 winners per week! Terms You must enter the prize draw between these dates unless you’ve already introduced yourself on our welcome thread, in which case you’ll automatically qualify. Week 1: 29/11/18 - 5/12/18 Week 2: 6/12/18 - 12/12/18 Week 3: 13/12/18 - 19/12/18 Week 4: 20/12/18 - 26/12/18 Only one entry per person Prizes will be draw randomly Vouchers will be emailed to you Good luck to all and if you have any questions then reply to this thread below
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    If you have a question search the facebook page/forum first most if the time it's been asked before plus you wont have to wait for the post to be approved to find your answer.
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    I’m a relative beginner myself! Only started in September, however this is the best thing I have found. I’m really enjoying seeing some extra money come in and I’m excited to see where it will lead me as I bet more confident and more skilled at it. i think my top tip would be to really enjoy and appreciate every extra £5/£10 you are making! See it for what it is, extra money that you wouldn’t be making pre MB! I’m so happy to read about people who make ‘big bucks’ but I think it’s more realistic to chip away, learning the ropes slowly. Go at your own pace! Christmas isn’t on credit for me this year and that is thanks to MB! So remember to value every single extra pound!
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    It's already been mentioned but CHECK your bets before you click those buttons. Check again and again. Then one more time!
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    My top tip for a beginner is.... Do not bet on obscure football teams, try to stick to popular ones. Also, some bookies gub you quicker if you do horse bets e.g. Bet365. Also, use Smarkets or Matchbook as your Exchange whenever possible whilst the 0% commission offer is on - it really makes a difference to your profit or qualifying losses.
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    Accept here and now 1. You're going to balls something up at some point. Probably you're going to balls multiple things up multiple times. It happens. And yes, it hurts. But it doesn't mean you're dumb or that matched betting is pants - when you're dealing with multiple sites with fast moving data stuff happens. Figure out what you've done, if you can, and move forward. Your time is better spent looking for your next opportunity than beating yourself up. 2. You are never going to be able to balance your spreadsheets to the penny. When i started out I must have used 4 different spreadsheets, double checked every entry and I was still pennies out. And it would drive me MENTAL. I'd re-input all the data trying to make it all nice and neat. The thing is rounding etc can throw your figures off. You have to weigh up if the time spent chasing those pennies down is better spent somewhere else. 2b. Also, there is no one perfect spreadsheet - what's perfect for you isn't for someone else. When you try to put a million auto calculations into a spreadsheet you introduce more opportunity for it to go wrong when there are variables (like an exchange offering different % on different sports, weird offers etc). 3. You're gonna get gubbed. No matter what you do - and at first it hurts. Some hurt more than others. But you move with it, diversify, find your niche. You might have to put a bit more effort into it but the money is out there. 4. EV works - as stated above. It really, really REALLY does work itself out over time. You ARE going to have offers where you lose everything and you'll probably think their auto blackjack is 'fixed', that they've 'fixed' a particular slot to not pay out at EV. Turn the music off, set the auto spin running and try not to get emotionally invested in the offer. I make a note of starting balance, end balance and move on. So it just becomes numbers. When you're sat there watching every spin it can get a bit emotional and before you know it you're having 'just one more spin' trying to make back some losses and what's that? Repeat after me....That's gaaaambliiiiing, Missus Niiiiixxxoooonnnnn. And what do we not do, class? That's right, we don't gamble. 5. You're going to get a bit evangelical about it. After all, s'free money init! And I can guaran-flippin-tee you that 99 out of 100 people you tell will not get it. Even if you show them your spreadsheet showing all the lovely money you have made. They are going to say they haven't got time or it's gambling or bookies don't give money away, there has to be a catch. Or they just can't be arsed. Now, as you're a bit evangelical this will batter your head. But really, leave them to it. More lovely, lovely cash for the rest of us, eh? 6. You're going to need a break every now and then. That's ok. The world isn't going to end because you miss some offers. There will be plenty more along in a while. 7. Oh and yes you bloody do need to pay for Oddsmonkey. It's a total no brainer. Now, don't argue with me, just sign up. Have fun, learn everything you can, learn to use the search function and make lots of money!
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    Don't let FOMO ruin matched betting for you, you can't do every offer under the sun so just do a manageable amount and if you need to take a break for as long as you need!