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    Afternoon all, my first post (hello!) and my first gubbing........Betway no longer love me. I was a member for less than 24 hours and lost both my bets with them so they actually earned off me. I even followed the advice of accessing them through google but hey ho. Must admit I didn't add any mug bets or anything and wagered the full £30 for free and trigger bets so maybe that set alarm bells off. My bets were on the horses and I even tried to go for the more popular/backed horses but to no avail. Anyway, it is what it is. Has anyone else suffered such a quick gubbing from Betway? Onwards and upwards though... lets see how many more follow over the coming days/weeks. Cheers Richard
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    You can do that strategy, but it means when the horse does win, you'll only receive a few quid profit as opposed to the maximum free bet. In my opinion, its FAR better to take close matches and enjoy the full amount when it comes in
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    Hi all Great to be part of the group Just started the welcome offers Placed first trigger bet earlier and all went well after following the guides unlocked £20 free bets to move onto making some profit Gonna take this all one step at a time to build some confidence. Not got a big bank balance to start with so in no rush just gonna try and enjoy some profits Best to all
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    Hi All I have been considering joining team profit for days and have finally taken the plunge, pleased to find this forum too. many thanks for all of your great videos to get me started. I have place my first bets and looking forward to the next steps, I do have a first question tho, sorry, how long does it take for betfred to pay the free bets amount into your account. many thanks kim
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    Hi everyone, I'm a complete newbie and I'd like to get into MB to earn some extra cash. I've been watching the videos and reading up as much as I can. I've never gambled before and I'm not interested in football or sports. Therefore, it's a steep learning curve because there are many terms and simple concepts that I don't really understand. I'd like to get started in the next few days or so. I'm looking forward to participating in this forum, and I hope you don't mind me asking some really basic questions as I build up my confidence! Tim
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    Hi All, Thanks for your replies. Ray
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    @Teddys14 Once you log in, go to "My account" then "Edit Account Details" and after you should see "Odds Format" to select what you want. You do that once and it will be saved in your preference.
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    Thank You. helps a lot
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    @Murco Most of bookmakers have licence to operate their business in UK and Ireland, that mean it is illegal to use them in another country where they have no licence. You can use VPN even some bookmakers will say it is illegal in their terms and conditions. Mobile phone datas is tricky as they can geolocalise you with GPS, better to use VPN on internet or wifi.
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    @Hawaii58 When you log in Betfair Exchange, you go on "My Account" ( left side of deposit button ), then you go in "My Bets" you will find "Settled". "Open matched" and "Open Unmatched" If your bet was placed it will appear in "Settled" with won or lost and the amount. You can download this page also to check all your bets with your excel file. Another thing you can do also, still under "My Account" is go to "Account Statement" and you will see everything ( deposit, withdraw, bets lost, bets won and commission.... ), if your bet did not appear that mean it was Unmatched or was not confirmed before you log off.
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    Hi all, I am just three weeks into my matched betting exploits but am really impressed with what I have seen so far from this site and the experience itself. Excellent guides provided team and I am sure I am not alone in wishing to offer you a genuine thanks and well done for the advice and support provided.
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    I did the same so what I did I spoke on line with them, and they gave me the offer anyway but if you see the four £5 in red don’t worry the are valid what I found you had to use them separately cannot use them together. Hope that’s clear enough sorry not very good explaining, as I’m a newbie as well.
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    I just tend to get 75% regularly. 80% requires pretty high odds and close matches... 75% is more feasible
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    Helpful as ever Tom, many thanks. Keep up the good work. Oh, the calculator has retention at 80%, is there a reason for your 75%?
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    Hey Matt! You can indeed lock in some decent profit here. It's basically a refund offer, but rather than get the full £20 free bet, you're getting £10. You'll need to use the Oddsmonkey Guaranteed Profit Calculator which can be found here Back stake: £20 Back odds: whatever they are Lay odds: whatever they are Lay commission: whatever it is Free bet award: £10 Free bet retention: 75% Let me know if you need anymore help!
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    1) A few days max. Too late would be when the match has kicked off haha. 2) If the odds change, just put the new odds into the calculator and lay that mount 3) You can offer prices and if the market moves you can take them odds. But its not guaranteed to move and is more a "trading" feature 4) Yes 100% means higher back odds. This is an ARB and not a good thing to take 5) Yep , odds change all the time so information is outdated, but it wont change that much so you'll still be okay betting on that game