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    £400 Xmas Giveaway! To celebrate the launch of our new forum, we’re giving away £100 in Amazon vouchers every week in the lead up to Christmas! Why have we made a forum? Some of you may be wondering why we’re making a forum when we have the Team Profit Facebook Group. We don’t want the forum to replace the group, but we do want to provide an alternative for those without Facebook and those who prefer the layout of a forum! Whereas Facebook has it’s classic news-feed style, the forum is much more spread out and allows people to look for the content that they want to view by looking in a specific area. The forum has dedicated threads on everything matched betting related such as daily profits, reload guides and a social section. The forum allows you to sign up using your Facebook account or by using an email and creating a password. SIGN UP HERE Once signed up simply browse through our different threads, create new threads or comment on existing threads! The Giveaway We’ll be giving out £100 in Amazon vouchers to users who sign up and contribute to specific discussions. To enter, simply leave a comment (longer than a few words) on that week's topic. Winners will then be drawn at random to receive a prize: this week's topic is "To be revealed: Top Tips - "My top tip for a beginner is..."". How to Enter Each Week Click below to comment on the current week's thread. Week 1 (29 Nov - 5 Dec): Welcome to the Forum - Please introduce yourself :) Finished Week 2 (6 Dec - 12 Dec): To be revealed: Top Tips - "My top tip for a beginner is..." Week 3 (13 Dec - 19 Dec): To be revealed Week 4 (20 Dec - 26 Dec): To be revealed What you can win The amazon vouchers will be split up so that more people have a chance to win The £100 will be split up like so 1 x £25, £10 x 3, £5 x 9, so we will have 13 winners per week! Terms You must enter the prize draw between these dates unless you’ve already introduced yourself on our welcome thread, in which case you’ll automatically qualify. Week 1: 29/11/18 - 5/12/18 Week 2: 6/12/18 - 12/12/18 Week 3: 13/12/18 - 19/12/18 Week 4: 20/12/18 - 26/12/18 Only one entry per person Prizes will be draw randomly Vouchers will be emailed to you Good luck to all and if you have any questions then reply to this thread below
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    My new setup, the cables behind the monitor have been tidied up now to make it cleaner
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    Hi I am Marilyn - I am a bit of an oldie, started very slowly but now doing OK been doing MB since August after never placing a bet in my entire 65 years and just passed the £3000 mark so delighted - great addition to my pension!
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    Trust the +EV and People will mainly tell you how much they have won not what they have lost. and Try not to do extra spins... I mainly do casino offers now 99% of my profit is casino related.
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    Hi everyone! I certainly prefer forums to Facebook as I like to choose what I see, not price boost threads from yesterday, thanks Zuckerberg!
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    My top tip, Check and check again before you click bet
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    Hello and a very warm welcome to the Team Profit forum Our aim for this forum, much like the rest of the Team Profit site, is for it to be a helpful, friendly, fun and most importantly super profitable place to be! If you're new to the forum, please do take a moment to introduce yourself below and say a quick hello
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    Post your set ups below! Mine's pretty dire (just an old HP laptop) but i'll post my dream set up!
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    Being gubbed by a bookmaker is never a great feeling, but unfortunately it comes as part of the package with Matched Betting. You may have been taught that gubbed accounts are now useless as you can no longer receive free bets - this is simply not the case. You can still squeeze every last pound out of a gubbed account, and below I will show you how! Firstly I need to explain the different between a gubbing and a restriction. A gubbing is when a bookmaker stops you from taking offers on their website. This could be free bets, bonuses, price boosts, and even anything in their Casino section. A restriction is slightly different and just means your maximum stakes have been restricted i.e. the amount you can bet. If a normal customer can bet £100 on something, you may only be allowed £25 maximum. Gubbings and restrictions occasionally go hand in hand however there are plenty of times where you will be gubbed but not restricted, and vice-versa. Some websites such as William Hill will restrict you on certain markets (like the flash odds) but allow you to bet as much as everyone else on other things. Other websites may restrict you at certain times, for example Blacktype tend to stake restrict people overnight and then lift them between 9am-6pm. Then there are sites such as Bet365 and Betway who will heavily restrict your stakes when you get gubbed. There is still plenty of money to be made from gubbed accounts though, so please see below for my top 3 ways! 1) Arbing Arbing is never a good idea and is a large factor in the reason a lot of people get gubbed or restricted. With that being said - if your account is gubbed you have pretty much no use for it. You may as well take plenty of arbs on the account, using the Oddsmatcher to find them, in order to get every last penny out of the bookmaker before you are totally restricted. Depending on what you arb, they may well increase your stakes and in rare cases ungub you! But a warning to all: DO NOT arb on clean/ungubbed accounts, only do it on gubbed accounts! 2) Casino Offers Almost every online bookmaker also has a Casino/Games section on their site. Some of them aren't very good however there are a few sites that offer some great casino promos. William Hill / Skybet / Bwin / Sportingbet all tend to do regular risk-free promotions which aren't guaranteed profit but are certainly well worth doing. If you are gubbed on either of their sportsbooks then why not head over to the casino? Pretty much all sites have a "gubbing system" for Casino/Sports, so if you are gubbed on sports you can still use the casino offers. This is because it's "traders" that gub you. These are the people setting the odds and reviewing sportsbook accounts. They don't work on the casino side of things and so if you have a gubbed sportsbook account then don't be afraid to hammer the casino offers. 3) BOG Hunting This can't be done on a lot of bookies however a fair few of them will still offer best odds guaranteed on the horse you bet on if it wins. The BOG offer itself is fairly lucrative when Matched Betting, so to be allowed to do it on a gubbed account is insanity. The only issue is that you may be stake restricted too and so won't be able to get a lot on, but if you set up a filter on the Oddsmatcher for your bookmaker in question with a 100% rating then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! There are a few other ways to make money that are slightly less value. One of these are Extra Places. The only reason I've not included it in the top 3 is because these races tend to be really poor value, but again, if you can set up a filter and find a close match then you can essentially have a risk free shot at a big payout.
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    As a matched bettor, it is well worth learning about horse racing given there are profitable offers every week. Full time matched bettors may do racing offers every day of the week, whereas part time matched bettors may focus on Saturday's as there are often some nice offers on the racing as it's televised on ITV. Recreational matched bettors will only do horse racing around the bigger racing festivals, mainly: Cheltenham Festival: Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th March 2019 Grand National: Saturday 6th April 2019 Royal Ascot: Tuesday 18th to Saturday 22nd June 2019 Regardless of which type of matched bettor you are, it's well worth spending some time reading through the below guides. It may take up to an hour, but you can spread the below reading over a few days. Over the months ahead the knowledge you learn I'm sure will be worth £500+ Introduction Guides Beginner's Guide To Horse Racing Horse Racing Refunds Explained Saturday ITV Racing Popular Bookmaker Offers Bet365 4/1 Offer William Hill 2 Clear or High 5 Offer SkyBet Refund if 2nd or 3rd Offer Common Refund Offers Refund if 2nd Refund if 2nd to SP Helpful Additional Guides Best Odds Guaranteed Rule 4 Extra Place Offers Do you have any questions or tips on horse racing offers? Please do post your questions or tips here!
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    I’m terribly unsophisticated - iPad on my lap while I sit on the sofa and laptop on a side table
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    Weekly bet clubs are a great source of income when starting to transition over to reloads. They are generally good profit anyway, but more so when you're trying to build up a bank to attempt larger offers such as 2Up and Horse racing refunds. You can view our Weekly Clubs guide here: https://www.teamprofit.com/weekly-clubs-explained In this guide we've split the clubs up into Regular and Hustler. The Regular clubs take very little time and are more rewarding for your time and money. The Hustler clubs generally take more time to complete for slightly less reward however they're 100% worth doing as you can normally combine them with other offers. So you'd simply complete reloads on a particular site, and then place a few more bets to unlock the free bet. Easy peasy! Below are the clubs you can do! Regular Clubs Skybet Bet £25 Get £5 https://teamprofit.com/sky-bet-club Coral Bet £25 Get £10 https://www.teamprofit.com/coral-free-bet-club Paddypower Bet 5 x £10 Get £10 https://www.teamprofit.com/paddypower-weekly-bet-club Betway Bet £25 Get £10 https://www.teamprofit.com/betway-free-bet-club Unibet Bet 5 x £10 in-play Get £10 https://www.teamprofit.com/unibet-weekly-play-bet-club Partypoker Bet 5 x £5 Get £5 https://www.teamprofit.com/partypoker-weekly-bet-club Hustler Clubs Bruce Betting Bet 10 x £10 Get £10 https://www.teamprofit.com/bruce-betting-weekly-bet-club Tommyfrench Bet 10 x £10 Get £10 https://www.teamprofit.com/tommy-french-weekly-bet-club-hustler Mintbet Bet 10 x £10 Get £10 https://www.teamprofit.com/mintbet-weekly-bet-club-hustler Blacktype Bet £250 Get £50 https://www.teamprofit.com/blacktype-weekly-bet-club-hustler 10bet Bet 5 x £10 in-play Get £10 https://www.teamprofit.com/10bet-weekly-play-bet-club-hustler Quinnbet Bet 5 x £5 Get £5 https://www.teamprofit.com/quinnbet-weekly-bet-club Betsid Bet £50 Get £5 https://www.teamprofit.com/betsid-weekly-betclub
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    hi everyone my first day here in the forum,wishing you a lovely day.
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    Hello! I’ve been meaning to try matched betting for years but every time I started reading about it I just thought it was too complicated. A month ago I was coming to the end of my maternity leave and running out of cash so thought I would look into it again. This time I concentrated harder and it made sense! I’ve now made £1500 profit, though half of that was getting very lucky with casino offers.
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    I started MB'ing after a friend suggested it to me. I didn't make a note of when I started, but I've possibly been doing it around 6-8 weeks. I use a spreadsheet to record profits, and it can be difficult to get an idea of my total profit when I still have bets that are unsettled; however, I think I'm up in the region of £400 - less than I'd like, but far better then what I started with and I'm optimistic about growing my account and doing more and more offers in the future. The help and support of the Team Profit team and the community as been wonderful.
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    Hello, just finished my first month matched betting, still working through the sign up offers and I'm enjoying the profits.
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    Hi my name is Dave and been matched betting for a year now. love it but it does take up a little too much of my time (so the wife says) looking forward to reading/using the forum and helping where I can
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    Love what TP does and all the support. I’ve done MB for a couple of months now and made around £1k Doing it less now but still enjoying :)
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    Hello. Newby here. Just finding my feet. Forum looks like it'll be very helpful thanks.
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    Humble set up but getting a monitor too soon!
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    Hi guys. Thanks for the forum, lets get posting and make it a success
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    Yay! Forums are so much better than Facebook :) Started MB in April this year and added in low risk casino in September. Nearly £4k in profit, happy with that!
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    Hi, I have been matched betting since September and have seen great improvements in my earnings since i found your facebook page, Im so glad you made a forum as it can sometimes be easier to find things on a forum.