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    Hello guys, I will be posting my predictions and previews in this thread. I mainly focus on football, basketball, and tennis. Be sure to keep an eye out if you are interested.
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    Yes an email with subject "Important Account Information" or something which sound similar... I had only a case where it was a message left in the bookie website... Anyway somtimes you can feel it before receiving the email like for example you try to put a bet of 10 GBP and you can not because it had been restricted to lower value !!
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    £50 inplay offer available
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    Regarding Trigger bet, the minimum odd is often specified in the offer like 2.0+ ( EVENS ), you have to find selection which are meeting this requirement. Now regarding the Free Bet, it is up to you, bigger the odd is, bigger the profit is but also bigger the liability will be also. However having trigger bet around 2, and free bet with odd very high, is a typical pattern of matched bettor and bookies can detect it very easily and gub you, for example betting on an underdog with odd 15 against Liverpool, is clearly to get your money in exchange. Sometimes people use acca to get higher odd which will be less suspicious, or some will use freebet on lower odd ( I did use odd 2 not lay to get the free bet amount as cash but that s not risk free, better to do it in BTTS or O/U goals than win market )
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    @NeilH I had many times this problem, it can be not enough liquidity or odds change and your bet is partially matched, but later on the other portion unmatched has been matched as odd is still moving clse to the race start and even during the race if it is a long race like 3 miles it can be also matched, less chance when it is just 6 furlongs Anyway the worst things happen to me is to thing the bet was unmatched, I cancel it and place back the bet, to discover at the end that the first unmatched bet was matched, and I end up with twice the bet !!! if this happen need to cash out half of it by placing a back bet Now to avoid this, each time I have the information of bet unmatched, I go directly in my bet in my account, you can see clearly which bets are open and matched, and which one are open and unmatched, you can can click on one and the other one few times, to see if something has changed ( like the unmatched part has gone and the matched part is fully matched ). There is no clear signal like in smarkets about fully matched bet,. better to double check your bets you avoid bad suprise !!
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    OK, I've added a sheet called Extras and added a column to the tracker on the first page called Extra, first checking that doing so wouldn't stuff up any of the formulas. I've adjusted the formulas for Betfair to include any profit or loss from Extras so now my balance and profit on the first page are accurate. I'll adjust the formulas for other companies as and when I need them. Cheers.
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    Don't forget the Dart in Betfair today and tomorrow, easy bet 10 get 5 as I did not see it in the blog Unibet give also 25% boost in Dart Acca... good luck
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    Yeah, I can get to the sign up page on my mobile. May set it up tomorrow. By the way the Coral sign up on the website works. Strange. Cheers.
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    That happen to me also in the past, yes need to remove any limits in exchanges, I got problems with betfair and smarkets, nothing you can do doing the week, except to open an account to another exchange matchbook, betdaq or smarkets. Remember also after the week gone, you need to confirm it in Betfair, I mean to accept it by clicking a link, don't forget it as it will not be done.
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    Regarding Revolut I confirmed what Tom said, and in their Terms and Conditions they stipulate that " unlawful gambling activities" are not permitted , better not to use them. It is better to have a debit card, I think some credit card can charge you high fee as it can be considered as cash advance. After regarding welcome offer, it is better to read the Terms and Conditions of each bookmaker website before you sign up, as they will clearly specify which kind of payment is accepted for bonus or free bet rewarded for their the welcome offer.
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    Some decent wins here!
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    Hello. I've been attempting to make a profit for a little over a month and I've made £264. Excited to learn more, and making more profit! Thanks Team Profit for all the help.
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    Hope they run the offer this year
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    @ALZ Just few comments : - The liability will be mainly link to the odd of the horse you have chosen, for example back stake £125 with back odd 8 / lay odd 8.2 will give you liability of £880, however if you choose an horse with back odd 6 / lay odd 6.2 liability will be around £630 ( that is £250 less ). If there is no minimum odd for this offer you can pick the favorite, maybe in some race it will be between odd 2 to 3 ( more affordable liability ) - You can do many bets as you have 2 days or a bit more to place them, but when you said 5 bets, I suppose it is £50 in total for each bet, that mean each of your bet will be £25 WIN and £25 EW. As to get the 50% return on max £125, it is equivalent of 1 bet £125 WIN and £125 EW. - Usually when people choose EW, it is in case of the horse does not win but finish in the places, they will get back their WIN stake. In other word that mean they need to choose an horse with minimum odd 5/1 ( or 6 decimal ) in case the place is paid 1/5 because the equivalent odd for the palce will be EVS ( 2 decimal ). Now if the place is paid 1/4, the min odd will be 4/1... Obviously what I said above is more when people does not lay, and expect profit or no loss, by betting on a favourite, but it is still risky. Hope this clarify a bit more.
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    Thanks for the reply Jeremy, much appreciated. I'll have to look into it. I love TeamProfit! Keep up the great work
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    Fantastic, Jeremy. Thanks for clearing that up.
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    Accept here and now 1. You're going to balls something up at some point. Probably you're going to balls multiple things up multiple times. It happens. And yes, it hurts. But it doesn't mean you're dumb or that matched betting is pants - when you're dealing with multiple sites with fast moving data stuff happens. Figure out what you've done, if you can, and move forward. Your time is better spent looking for your next opportunity than beating yourself up. 2. You are never going to be able to balance your spreadsheets to the penny. When i started out I must have used 4 different spreadsheets, double checked every entry and I was still pennies out. And it would drive me MENTAL. I'd re-input all the data trying to make it all nice and neat. The thing is rounding etc can throw your figures off. You have to weigh up if the time spent chasing those pennies down is better spent somewhere else. 2b. Also, there is no one perfect spreadsheet - what's perfect for you isn't for someone else. When you try to put a million auto calculations into a spreadsheet you introduce more opportunity for it to go wrong when there are variables (like an exchange offering different % on different sports, weird offers etc). 3. You're gonna get gubbed. No matter what you do - and at first it hurts. Some hurt more than others. But you move with it, diversify, find your niche. You might have to put a bit more effort into it but the money is out there. 4. EV works - as stated above. It really, really REALLY does work itself out over time. You ARE going to have offers where you lose everything and you'll probably think their auto blackjack is 'fixed', that they've 'fixed' a particular slot to not pay out at EV. Turn the music off, set the auto spin running and try not to get emotionally invested in the offer. I make a note of starting balance, end balance and move on. So it just becomes numbers. When you're sat there watching every spin it can get a bit emotional and before you know it you're having 'just one more spin' trying to make back some losses and what's that? Repeat after me....That's gaaaambliiiiing, Missus Niiiiixxxoooonnnnn. And what do we not do, class? That's right, we don't gamble. 5. You're going to get a bit evangelical about it. After all, s'free money init! And I can guaran-flippin-tee you that 99 out of 100 people you tell will not get it. Even if you show them your spreadsheet showing all the lovely money you have made. They are going to say they haven't got time or it's gambling or bookies don't give money away, there has to be a catch. Or they just can't be arsed. Now, as you're a bit evangelical this will batter your head. But really, leave them to it. More lovely, lovely cash for the rest of us, eh? 6. You're going to need a break every now and then. That's ok. The world isn't going to end because you miss some offers. There will be plenty more along in a while. 7. Oh and yes you bloody do need to pay for Oddsmonkey. It's a total no brainer. Now, don't argue with me, just sign up. Have fun, learn everything you can, learn to use the search function and make lots of money!
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    Today I got my first gubbing , lost £40 due to a stupid mistake and I’ve just cremated my tea wish id stayed in bed!