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  4. cthierrymk

    Confuses about refund offers - unibet

    Hi there, I think you are talking about this calculator : https://www.oddsmonkey.com/Tools/Calculators/RiskFreeEqualProfitCalculator.aspx At the bottom of the result you have :Profit Breakdown" : As you said if bookmaker won you get £15.44 that is correct However if exchange win you said you will lose £19 that is incorrect because you can see in the profit breakdown that your free bet is added in the calculation. In the last column 85% x £40 = £34 that mean you will get - £19 + £34 = £15 it should be same amount as above £15.44 ( I did not simulate as I don't know your exchange com ( 0%, 2%, 5% .) As it is equal profit, you win in both side and you can not win the max in both side that mean £34. This will work with a free bet using calculator in mode SNR and choosing high odd like horses Hope that help
  5. cthierrymk

    Gubbed Thread

    Yes an email with subject "Important Account Information" or something which sound similar... I had only a case where it was a message left in the bookie website... Anyway somtimes you can feel it before receiving the email like for example you try to put a bet of 10 GBP and you can not because it had been restricted to lower value !!
  6. Avian946

    Gubbed Thread

    Forgive my newbie ness but how do you know you’ve been gubbed? Is it just an email saying you no longer get free bets/ offers?
  7. Hi everyone, I just started on unibet for refund offers and I'm really confused as to how I make profit. So by using oddsmonkey's guaranteed profit method, I put in 85% as apparently that's how much profit I'll make. I find a back which is 1.84 and a lay which is 1.86 and I bet £40 back and lay £22.57 with a liability of £18.96. If the back bet wins, I'll profit £15.44 however if the back bet loses I'll lose around £19. Now apparently I'm meant to get 85% retention on the free £40 refund from unibet...But how do i get this? When I use the free bet calculator I only can ever mske a profit of £20 and if I had already lost £19 from the trigger bet I only make a profit of £1? I'm sorry for how complicated all of this is, I've only been matched betting for around a month now and it's my first time doing refund offers and I can't wrap my head around the guaranteed profit method. Thanks!
  8. House

    Arbing between 2 exchanges

    Hi Does anyone do this and is this a viable way to do an arb without drawing too much attention to your accounts?
  9. Tom Portlock

    Everton vs Man Utd

    Golden Goal offer is on this game!
  10. Tom Portlock

    monthly dormancy fees or/and withdrawal fees

    A dormant account in this case isn't an account that hasn't been used in 30 days. It's saying that WHEN your account is dormant, you have 30 days to use it or you will be charged. The dormant term will probably come into effect after around 12 months I'd imagine. That's what normally happens
  11. cthierrymk

    monthly dormancy fees or/and withdrawal fees

    One bookmaker said it is written in their Terms and Conditions. but they never contact customer as stipulated below : If your account remains dormant, after a minimum period of 30 days following Operator’s first attempt to notify you that your account has become dormant, Operator shall deduct a monthly Administration Fee from your account balance of £3 (or currency equivalent) at the time that it is deemed to be dormant. Operator shall use reasonable efforts to contact you. The Administration Fee calculated in accordance with above shall be deducted from your account balance on the expiry of the 30-day notification period mentioned above and every 30 days thereafter at the same rate until the earlier of: (a) your account balance reaching zero when no further Administration Fee shall be deducted and your account will be closed; or (b) you ‘reactivating’ your account when no further Administration Fee shall be deducted.
  12. cthierrymk

    monthly dormancy fees or/and withdrawal fees

    Tonybet does that each month, also betstars just seen it after Masters 2019....... MrGreen is different as it is fee on withdrawal
  13. Tom Portlock

    ITV Racing

    Selected races at Musselburgh and Haydock
  14. Tom Portlock

    ITV Racing

    Selected races at Lingfield and Newcastle
  15. Tom Portlock

    ITV Racing

    Selected races at Newmarket and Cheltenham
  16. Tom Portlock

    ITV Racing

    Selected races at Newmarket and Cheltenham
  17. Tom Portlock

    Alaves vs Barcelona

    Spanish La Liga
  18. Tom Portlock

    Real Valladolid

    Spanish La Liga
  19. Tom Portlock

    Huesca vs Eibar

    Spanish La Liga
  20. Tom Portlock

    19:45 Premier League Fixtures

    Tottenham Hotspur vs Brighton & Hove Albion Watford vs Southampton
  21. Tom Portlock

    Napoli vs Atalanta

    Italian Serie A
  22. Tom Portlock

    Wolfsburg vs Eintracht Frankfurt

    German Bundesliga
  23. Tom Portlock

    Brentford vs Leeds

    English Championship
  24. Tom Portlock

    15:00 Championship Fixtures

    Blackburn Rovers vs Bolton Wanderers Derby County vs Queens Park Rangers Hull City vs Sheffield United Ipswich Town vs Swansea City Nottingham Forest vs Middlesbrough Reading vs West Bromwich Albion Rotherham United vs Birmingham City Sheffield Wednesday vs Bristol City Stoke City vs Norwich City Wigan Athletic vs Preston North End
  25. Tom Portlock

    Aston Villa vs Millwall

    English Championship
  26. Tom Portlock

    Chelsea vs Burnley

    English Premier League
  27. Tom Portlock

    Hertha Berlin vs Hannover 96

    German Bundesliga
  28. Tom Portlock

    SC Freiburg vs Borussia Dortmund

    German Bundesliga
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