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  2. michend1994

    Coral welcome offer

    thank you both, and hi!! the problem I have is that I didn't click the link to bet £5 and get a free bet, I just signed up through a google search like a loon!
  3. Today
  4. Chris Harvey

    Coral welcome offer

    Hey Mich! Great to hear you're looking to start matched betting Once you are logged into the Coral website, it doesn't show the welcome offer as a promotion anymore, this is just because their website isn't advanced enough really! It should really still show this offer to those yet to take it up, but instead it assumes everyone logged in has already done the offer! So you can go ahead, deposit £5, change the odds to decimals and complete the Welcome Offer no problem Hope this helps and any questions with this please do add a reply cheers!
  5. cthierrymk

    Coral welcome offer

    Decimal odds is shown when you sign in on the top right corner above quick deposit. Welcome offer just follow the video to sign up, it should also appear in the promotion page of coral
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hi Newbie question, I am trying to get started and have watched the videos and been reading for around a week. I was planning on setting my first trigger bet this evening but when looking at the selection blog for suggestions I spotted West Ham for tomorrow, I went to check the odds against Betfair and then Coral. Coral were not showing Decimal odds and it seemed the only way to get the to do this was to sign up which it now looks like I don't have the welcome offer. Can anyone advise if this is the case and if I can do anything about it. Thanks Mich
  8. Chris Harvey

    Cash First Casinos

    Hey Pound+! Apologies for the delay in replying, I don't know of a list being available unfortunately, I think it should usually say in the terms somewhere whether they use cash before bonus, or whether when you deposit it is converted into bonus so you have it all as a bonus. Appreciate this isn't too helpful just casino terms are a bit of a pain sometimes so best to check each one before doing an offer I think!
  9. Chris Harvey

    Casinoland closed account

    Hey Steve! Apologies for the delay in replying, unfortunately a few casinos do have a term to say you need to wager deposits once. I'd recommend wagering your £10 deposit once on 20p spins on a slot or the lowest stakes you can do on roulette (choosing red or black) and hopefully this will minimise any possible loss! Any questions with this please do add a comment thanks!
  10. Chris Harvey

    Profit tracker issues

    Hey TryTryAgain! Apologies for the delay in replying! Great to hear you're enjoying the profit tracker, if there is still a difference please do email help@teamprofit.com with a link to your profit tracker (click Share on the top right and then copy link) and we'll take a look cheers!
  11. Hey Lizzie! Very sorry for the delay in replying and hope this worked out okay For future reference, spot on you can trade out of smarkets (so long as you don't have any other lay bets for other offers on the game) and this in effect cancels the lay bet. You can then place a new £3.23 lay bet instead. Alternatively, you could place a £11.54 back bet on the team on Smarkets, which would reduce the lay stake from £14.77 to £3.23. Whilst this isn't completely accurate (as there the back odds and lay odds are a bit different) it won't make much difference at all really! Apologies again for the delay and any questions please do add a comment thanks!
  12. Chris Harvey


    Hey 6tease! Apologies for the delay in replying, Karamba unfortunately have a reptuation for being a bit unusual when it comes to crediting free bets and verifying accounts, most matched bettors don't have problems but now and then we do see issues boo! I think I would email them to say if you do not receive your £10 free bet then you will contact IBAS (the bookmaker regulators) usually this ends out with the bookie crediting the free bet Any issues with this please do update cheers!
  13. cthierrymk

    Profit & Loss

    Nothing wrong, not all the boost are good, often back odd is lower than lay odd at same moment, I never got profit Ladrokes boost. Maybe unless you do it at 2 different times in the day which can be risky like a horse with high early price and a boost, and later on maybe will decrease before the race start, but the opposite can happen also, need to wait to see the trend and pick up the right horse. I ask question about Boost in another thread but no answers yet, as in the daily blog they show lot of profit for boost in oddsmonkey ( I don't have it )
  14. cthierrymk

    Bet X Get Y Offers - ask anything!

    @ALZ I did that one on 7 Feb, I deposited £25, I place on single bet of £25 odd 2.0+, I got then the FB of £25 I used it. As I lost above both bets. money in exchange. I deposited on 12 Feb £10, I did a Toteplacepot to be honest was first time, I lost and then they refund me my £10 as cash not a free bet. you can withdraw if you want after that. Hope that help
  15. Last week
  16. Hi, just looking at the Totesport sign up and it looks different to what is listed. They're offering £35 , £25 on sports and £10 on pools. What is the best way to complete this offer ? Also wondering how much to sign up with, it says £5 - £25
  17. Scelly19

    Casinoland closed account

    Anyone got any advice.
  18. Tom Portlock

    Man Utd vs Liverpool

    Premier League (Golden Goal valid on this match!)
  19. Tom Portlock

    ITV Racing

    Selected races at Doncaster, Newbury & Kelso.
  20. Tom Portlock

    20:00 Premier League Fixtures

    Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur Crystal Palace vs Manchester United Liverpool vs Watford Manchester City vs West Ham United
  21. Tom Portlock

    19:45 Premier League Fixtures

    Arsenal vs AFC Bournemouth Southampton vs Fulham
  22. Tom Portlock

    19:45 Championship Fixtures

    Bristol City vs Birmingham City Hull City vs Millwall Queens Park Rangers vs Leeds United Sheffield Wednesday vs Brentford
  23. Tom Portlock

    Newcastle vs Burnley

    English Premier League
  24. Tom Portlock

    19:45 Premier League Fixtures

    Cardiff City vs Everton Huddersfield Town vs Wolverhampton Wanderers Leicester City vs Brighton & Hove Albion
  25. Tom Portlock

    RB Leipzig vs 1899 Hoffenheim

    German Bundesliga
  26. Tom Portlock

    Girona vs Real Sociedad

    Spanish La Liga
  27. Tom Portlock

    Nottingham Forest vs Derby

    English Championship
  28. Tom Portlock

    Fiorentina vs Inter Milan

    Italian Serie A
  29. Tom Portlock

    Parma vs Napoli

    Italian Serie A
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